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Welcome to Renegade Masters. The new label that will drop more than a few bombs over the next few millenia to kill sounds and bury systems. The label has now kicked off and the first release is imminent. Finally after several years of working like a dog, my plans of spreading the world with no less than the best is coming to fruition.
The concept behind the new label Renegade Masters was an idea being formulated for over 10 years since I began to think of a way to dilute what i considered to be the commercial mainstream music destroying the minds of the youth which I feel has the audacity to present as art when they are clearly products designed to imitate art to sell to unsuspecting music lovers. The labels have had various names from Spinning Records to No Step Productions but now finally, here it is the name which came to me while I skinned up and thought about the cosmos…Renegade Masters!!! The revolution begins…


The concept was idealised as a label which could release anything that is untampered with for suitability to a certain pigeon hole and that which is presented in its original format by the artist. This includes myself and all other artists i come across who provide the bombs required for this war and who stick to the remit.
We intend to seek the greatest undiscovered artists who could be anywhere, in their parents basements tinkering away, in the janitors room at work penning a universal classic, in a nightclub toilet rapping to anyone who cares to listen while whizzing, singing like Aretha while giving grannies blue rinses, in a padded cell with nothing but a commode and a an old battered guitar or at a Mungos gig. Wherever you are I will find you, listen to your stuff, deem it fit for worldly ears and vinylise it to be spun forever and freed into ears, hearts and ether.

For further information relating to the remit and requirements of the label please inspect the MISSION and If you feel your music fits the bill then don’t hesitate to send it my our way.


Be a part of the Renegade Army. Ill send you shitloads of stickers, a T Shirt, free music and even a jay when i see you at a venue near you not to mention free entry to as many of my gigs as you can get to all avenues permitting if you fancy doing some real field agent work by remotely delivering stickers onto the public spaces in your cities, in toilets, clubs, pubs, anywhere you are not allowed to put them basically to imprint the knowledge to the latest generations that the movement has begun and to allow them to follow the renegade signs to find us and our fine stellaratic music, a style of music that can be only be described with words newly invented for the job. Of course your task will also be to deliver mp3′s to all local DJ’s especially commercial DJ’s nplaying MTV playlists as not only will it improve their DJ sets tenfold but also allow the universe to forgive them of their wrong choices and redeem them. So your task is not an easy one but your Renegade Commander will promote you when the time is right.
Of course there is an enjoyable side to what could be deemed work and it entails your Renegade self ensuring that Renegade Music are played at all parties you play, party & get wasted at. So sign up here young cadets and prepare for the battle…


20th September 2011

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