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Renegade Sleuth on the case  : Smart eye Magazine Online

Renegade Masters has officially hired a journalist to investigate some of the serious problems facing our society and world with the tough task of researching and exposing some of the dirty tactics employed by Illumicorp to further their agendas at the expense of the free will, health, minds and lives of innocent people.  From, introducing laws banning old filament lightbulbs in preference to toxic ones, toxic chemicals to avoid in household products, exposing the corporate culprits responsible for inhumanity, laws discreetly introduced to control our lives without public knowledge, the agendas of your true concealed masters, how many years of control has turned a sharp and seeking mind into a docile farm animal who unquestioningly accepts freedom reducing debilitating practises as their way of life,  mental conditioning and how it is done and many other topics, we intend to share a truth I have sought for more than half my life with information from only the most credible of sources including experts within the field of science, food, technology, politics, environment and agriculture and countless others.

We attempt to be as balanced as possible. If there is anyone out there who would like to contribute an article of their own please send your articles to: and they will all be read and some included in the next edition of Smart Eye, the Smart newspaper with real news for real people.

We at Renegade Masters care and love the people of this perfect yet hijacked earthly plane and aim to expose the truth and encourage, urge and inspire right action and understanding in people as to the true power they hold within them ensuring that they are aware of themselves, who they are, what they are capable of and what forces are against them and have been planning their continued enslavement for centuries. 

This year the Renegade Sleuth aka Sean and your good Commander will share with you many facts with carefully researched and written articles on these and many other topics to help educate and inform you.  Information and education is key to your salvation and true happiness.  Let us look to our inner selves and ask for peace with strength in our hands, hope in our minds and love in our hearts.

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