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The Source is a collaborative production project which collaborates on single releases with producers by requesting them to build on an existing concept researched by the source to create what the source considers to be sounds emenating directly from the beginning and end of all things in the universe, the Source. Influenced by the sounds created as far back as the early 1980′s for Commodore 64 Game Soundtracks, the Source borrows heavily from this field whilst also embarking into new experimental territory to create powerful, crushing 8 bit flourished, hip hopfully triumphant and basstastically emotional impacting music using melodies and true words to amalgamate into a dagger which aims straight at the jugular of the commercial world. With a clear Reggae sentiment, a punk attitude, hiphop garnerings and dancefloor appeal, the undeniable sound of the source married to it’s potent message will not fail to win over even the seasoned cynic. Expect a live laptop show led by the Sourceress with some toys and vocals that will strike you with the force of an armoured tank.

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