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Renegade Masters has no history although I do. I have been releasing records with other labels for nearly half my life with over 50 releases and counting before arriving at the junction which saw me ready to set up a fine new imprint which would allow for the release of some high action activist musical art with any message deemed fit to expose the nations to. I wanted to see a label dedicated to releasing anything with authentic power, anything with a rough edge but a smooth output, anything big, different, edgy, original, funny and anything with sizeable balls.

I thought about the many Renegade Artists that I have come along on my global excursions and the artists I witnessed who inspire all with their honest, not too serious yet hard hitting approach to creating and presenting music and thought, I must discover others like this and assist them to get their great work out there touring the world and spreading the good stuff which I know the world needs dearly as Ive been out there and tis both beautful and withering a place to behold.

Renegade Masters must be the culmination of such a strange and wonderful a life of experiences and will assist all who attempt to meet the world’s demand for powerfully honest, inspirationally created, true art. The labels aim is to offer music with potent messages and those that provoke strong positive emotions in the listeners and music whether they be derived from philosophical words or impassioned melodies.

Renegade Masters believe that there must be some balance to the mass output of the global commercial music industry which delights in promoting anything irrelevant of its moral value or ethical philosophy. We aim to release music with a positive intent and will not release anything which adheres to a done-to-death ideal constructed by the commercial business world to encourage young kids to buy, follow, mimic and support nothing more than a profit pulling product as opposed to encouraging the kids to support true art which aims to impart the true state of genuine artists creating for themselves with a desire to share their original creations.

All artists who choose to create for themselves with no thought to the selling factors of their art are true Renegades and create music from the source. These are the very Renegades who will become the Renegade Masters of the future.

May the source be with you.

Renegade Masters

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