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Bullets Over Babylon - Soom T And Monkey Marc


Aliens in jars


We’re So sharp we never stumble, so hot that we're making bubbles

Setting lights to stages until the whole town begins to crumble

Then we shovel up the rubble, bring the trouble, we aint even subtle

Make a monkey out of you bring the bass to the rumble

Go deep like a dracula, soaring over nebulas

To suns in mass, inject the stars to get so many heads to mars

Aliens in jars and flying cars with decks to boost the gas

Robotic eyes with cameras see the native barks to heed the sharks

Feed the dark and aid the fight against the mass

To represent then to repress, dont get depressed, we'll win by the end

Nature comes back home to vent To see the mass in retrospect

Is to reflect say we must not let this ever happen again



Let it get brighter, let it get brighter, don’t turn the light right down

Don’t turn the light right down x2


So we take string puppets cut the strings and then shove it

Am a fros of liars – who have shut them minds and made muppets

So stop it, love it, rise above it, rough it, all standing tougher

Give it back to every rapper who was trapped made to suffer

Enough of this, enough of politics, enough of the oppressed

Enough of the hopeless, yeah why do they mess, why should they confess

That they bleed, they come they come to test, they kill, repress

And they molest, tell that they have trapped the leading best and put to rest

Many dead presidents

Do it for the love, they don’t do to for unity

They don’t do it for the peace and they don’t do it to be funny

They never do it for the righteous for days to be sunny for everybody

All they care and do it for is the money

When they patter their feet, to come near, greet talk sweet

About what they’ll do for you if you listen and follow we

For they’ll reel you in their speech dripping in deceit so pay heed

When they take your soul they don’t give out receipts.




Suddenly you’re the ones whose guilty, complicit in the violence

Across many border in countries where you’re paid to cause a blighting

To proceed in silence, paid in muddy diamonds as you’re coffers rising

Accept your fate when there is nobody left smiling

What under the world has the money man found

Mining diamonds and putting bodies in the ground

Stone colders left lying around

Who wins yeah when the fire dies down

Not even the one with a thumb on the gun

Not even the ones who are left a few crumbs

Not by the hairs on your tommy tum tum

Hear the rising of the Babylon hum


Let it get brighter, let it get brighter, don’t turn the light right down, don’t turn the light right down.




Its what makes madmen and women and what taught money to talk

It's what struck down Jesus and all the good that he saw

Its what reduces the wise to beggars shaking a penny pot

Its what makes you forget al the good that you've ever been taught

Need to take the clock, smash it to pieces reset

Unlearn everything that you have know about life and go get

The truth awaiting you in bed before you lay down your head

Contemplation gives the answer now – and this is what she says


Don't spend your days counting possessions you hoarded your all life as

That can never last that rise like wood in a fire

For natures you defy by chasing paper lies and

Giving it all up is how you'll find your true desires

So take that lie and cast it into the fire

Heed the movement of ya soul taking it higher

Breaking the veil thats been trapping all the youth in the maya

Question all authority will make your mind shine brighter



Bullshit its what makes all good people rot they call it

Bullshit – its what every politican talks

Bullshit that grew legs and started to walk

Bullshit that makes you forget what you've already got


Its what makes madmen and women and what taught money to talk

It's what struck down Jesus and all the good that he saw

Its what reduces the wise to beggars shaking a penny pot

Its what makes you forget al the good that you've ever been taught

Like a crowd united puttin up their lighter

Standing ready to battle raising up all the fighter

In the night sky know the force watch and invite us

Into its sweet heaven when we've become truly righteous




Complex Simplicity


He knew as soon as he’d walked out of the room

He could regret stepping into this afternoon

Black clouds had already started to loom

Thunder had a similar volume to sonic boom

The winners had already started to lose

The patriotic had already started to bruise

Nothing left for the loser to do but assemble troops

And pray the stormy weather would be gone soon

But he could never guess the higher the monsoon

Circling a whirlwind nothing left to consume

A memory to lethargic to peruse

Clear from the Antarctic to Peru

The swarm continued to brew

Planning an attack as the tensions grew

Set direct from the heavens to test out offences

The message that is sent was relentless impending doom

He’s watching his every move checking instincts

Through every instant every face every move

Especially you for when the time comes what are you prepared to do

When your times up what are you prepared to lose

Better wise up now and accept the truth

So we walk with a mind to protect the youth

Since for so long he tried to neglect the proof

But it’s hard to avoid when its front page news

Compounding up change your whole view

We live in a fight and the plain is blue

And if conditions are right a hurricane will ensue

Rip through sinew in every sector

High pressure, earth tremor, new issue

No sign that it could improve

He asked the selector upstairs for one last tune.



You put the sun into my heart

When wandering into the dawn like rain

What is it to feel?

Nothing more than complex simplicity x 2


Is there a pattern to life, are their rights to tie minds

A light to find my sight true instinct to breed insight

But when i tried id find that like attracts like

From sweatshops to supermarkets shelves to high heights

From stars in the sky to the hearts that shine bright

I take flight into the abyss of a black kite on satellites

Avoiding dark nights, pricks and parasites

I might be nothing but at least I try to live my life right

I only tell others what I would tell my own child

It isn't all about them TV dreams n bright lights

When the race to attain, makes you plain and lose sight

Of what the universe gave you at birth to raise your true might

I would never be afraid to tell them I believe in a god

That doesn’t have a name or body that seeks no praise or applause

Save this "treat yourself like you’re the one and only light

Coz that’s the holiest thing you’ll ever come upon your whole life







Someone in ma head with a drill

Something goin in for the kill

Take this swallow that pill

Ride with the wind to the hills

When theres someone in ma head with a - drill




Deep in it went like a knife in the back, Ready for a spat in the dark

With a few million sharks With an axe like a black cats rabid attack with a rah

and a gun to the sack - quack

Rakin in the hours like a hawk

Preyin on the weak for a big fat wallet in the sock

When they get sick of your squaw and your hard sticks hitting jaws, 

We need face the contemplation step back - need to pause

Trained like a witch to hard hit it like a whip

Trying to separate reality from this old mad trip

That i woke into after my last shift  when a worn mind ripped

Tipped into the abyss with a sick twist trick

Do my eyes defy me or is my stick shift stuck

Did i lose luck at the last rut in a big truck

Do i know enough to know when i know enough

About the forces that will take an open mind and nail it shut




So there i stood in ma pyjamas, dived into hot magma

Deep with nothing but a light sabre, thoughts and inner camera

What a mad drama, unfolding then enraptured

By the firm hand that grabs takes man further

Into constellations, rasmus to revelations

Apparitions, bold wills and admonitions

So i listen, hold still, wishing i could hold onto the visions

Breaking what was once set – smash the television

What of all the violence, what ill connivance, 

mischief is rife as a child's minds silenced,

Biased tyrants blight flying high in blood diamonds

Cries of defiance, stifled amidst the pricing

Hear odes on a record, to wreck your heads better

A jet setter, who rose up then went stellar

Into the dark matter for a soul vendetta

In a letter; remembering the T in this setup




(Unreleased verse)

More than a Grievance, want to forget about the heathens

whose corporate dealings treat people like they've got no feelings

Marketing poisons to kids who have just started breathing

Their mind thieving leaving me beeling at their decieving

soul stealing, making me barely believe what I'm seeing

The time is nearing for the underdogs to get even stevens

If you need reasons – I've got one for every human being

Meaning that we're getting close to ridding dreaming of the demons

My mind is my own property, whys it part of a monopoly, 

It worked properly until the rule of an authority, 

See how shockin it can be, make strong out of the weak  - So near is your defeat – 

soon you will know that there is nothing stoppin me

If you wanna hold vision – go smash ya television

Heed to the words of the rappers in this prison

To every person who listens who seeks missions

True to the soul of the eye renegade - activism




Are we all working as slaves to the mastas in debt to a bunch of thieving bastards

Those who would price on our water, who would enslave all children & mothers of rastas

We will we rise to the challenge become the saviour to the minds trapped chasing the paper

What you gonna do when you lose your mind?  Paper won’t save ya when you meeting ya maker

Do you wanna do what the higher man says?  Do you want to be shown how to live the right way?

Do you want to spend everyday working like a slave when the man take it all coz that work never pay

Do you wanna rip that diamond out the dirt are you gonna rise high with your eyes wide shut

Do you wanna live a little before ya life’s up? Ain’t it about time you found out what’s up?



I want to light that match and make it all go boom

What a rush get the spark in the gas tank soon

Burn down the banks – when they offer credit no thanks

You can take it back – light that match and make it go boom


Let it cut deep like a machete in the palm of ya hand making marks into the depths where you stand

A lone man can demand to be found in a land by the truth that will seek until he understands

That a bulletproof vest won’t stop a shot to the face, making Money won’t stop ya falling from grace

Hidden hands always find blind mice to replace so forget the pointless chase yeah and mash up the place.

When you step up alone because you’re sick of all the violence,

politicians  lying about taking blood diamonds

Build Babylon then set it on fire, Bring down the empire, march into Zion.

All man and woman wake from sedatives given by puppet masters, the pullers of strings,

When a poor bird sing about breaking the din, open up the door let the people in.




When we search inside the mind of every rasta

We find the lords truth in every sonata

That strikes a light like the police hitting you with a bat yah

But you can never beat down the lords sons and daughters

Don’t let the vultures in charge incite us

Getting up inside us though they all deride us trying to divide us

Hail to the highest, finding your own guidance

With the universal truth which raises up all the righteous

When the education system is wrecking all your sanity

By not providing representation of all humanity

Deny us a soul by not teaching us spirituality this is

the normality not dumb vanities

Preaching us no fallacy, moulding personalities

When not teach us to stop children chasing all depravity

To question immorality that they see on tv,

Asking why do they teach apathy see the anomalies.






Under The Rubble

I got lost like a lamb to the drone of the monotonous

so calm I headed on alone into the dark metropolis

where people standing opposite discussed low wage deposits

and the despots who control the masses all for profits and bullets

To send over the waters airborne gifts for the innocent

The poor recipients of those who arrive there belligerent

To muddy any sense of gaining freedom from malignant

factions who torment children it doesnt make sense



Theres no better place to start but here No better time but now

bring the peoples fear down throw the antidote into the crowd

Saying it’s time to bind seperate causes to one single struggle;

Face the machine and put it all under the rubble


Keep distracted folk in a giddy state of hopelessness

While news anchors chat about nothing in their sunday best

Allowing corporations to iinvest in their silly nonsense

Coming to mess with those who cant even pay their own rent

Bullying others to accept unjust laws Precedents set

that override any original intent now laid to rest

The lisbon treaty which makes EU policy the abiding head

Of every soul who didnt even accept to being led by them




Listening to activ members speaking up in the world

Who project right sentiments across intelligent and humble

To remind all fighting any cause without being too subtle

That the roots are all the same making us part of the same struggle

Is it really any wonder, the causes of the blunder

Hear the cry loud like thunder

The choices of few and a people encumbered

Laid down by the laws with batons and outnumbered by the absurd




Infecting food for kids confirm poisonous edicts

Despite protest from professionals who push to reject it

But the bills still get signed our nervous systems get it

Its time to reinvent the system fearless and intrepid

Corporate agribusiness malpractices over farmers rights

Free economy policies starving the poor to blight

Any notion of fullfilling their role to seek a fair life while bein

Forced to wander aimlessly on the edge of the corporate knife


We're all sick of it all


I was marked for this struggle since i was only a foetus

Trained to stand for justice for the poorest and the weakest

Empowering them with holy words you can never defeat us

Host to the sweetest truth, we love the youth so take ma words and eat this

Then the clouds breaking, stopping hearts achin coming down like angels

Wakin all from life's sedations. eyes of strangers levitations

Rising to the top then crushing down to the foundations

Of the inhalation of the truth that leaves a free minds baking

Innocent young rascals, hair ruffled, shackled in their duffles

While they shuffle wondering why they were caught up in the scuffle

In the powerplay of politicans, corporations their debacles

Aim the rebuttal, while they scuttle tear manacles

Battling the dreamers the elite demons

Making it seem like medias religion ain’t beneath us

Inciting all deep mindsets into wary seekers of the realest

with intrusions of the meanest ilk paving ways for soul eaters



Coz we're sick of it, they’re sick of it, we're sick of it all

When the poor rise up fighting and the empires fall

When Armageddon comes gunning for every one of you all

Will you take the side of all – or will you fall


We're children of the same source even though i wasnt christened

Made decisions to recognise all religious nepotism

That makes authorities of despots over those who've truly risen

To the heights of wisdom driven by the need to present vision

Treat music like like a mission. Not ambitions competitions

that Assist in seperatist divisions intrude in minds like villians

Incite pointless discussions about abstrusive resolutions

But then faith in the force listening breaking out to revelations




Replace avaters with cadavers to get scarred in war then after that

sabateurs of calamity hour – pick flowers like amateurs at dark

Then wonder why they become addicts tragic victims the inhabit

who lie down and take it until the end when they have had it

Then stomach the rabbit of folk ementating all frustrations

Twisting minds to see illusions drive impatient and emphatic

Like a bomber out of control heading down enflamed  erratic

To steady his final descent into the depths of the atlantic




Storms Come



Storms Come, Ships Sink, Sun shines

Storms Come, Hearts Break, and it's alright






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