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Smart Eye 3 has 6 excellent articles to inform and enlighten you.  Click HERE to go straight to the magazine

BULLETS OVER BABYLON LP RM007 - 2015 Renegade Masters Release 




Still growing strong, the reviews on this rare outburst of pure energy, rage and raw power have been quite frankly, excellent.


Get some review quotes from online and put in a few…


“Bloody brilliant…not heard one like this in decades...raw and braw!”  Asian Dub Foundation


“This ain’t hiphop, reggae, dub or rock…its its own sound..completely original” - Reggae Radio


“Undefinable..This is brilliant…” – Bug Out Festival


Check out Slave:  


The complete Soom T discography fully updated (Incl. Monkeytribe Discog) is now available to view. with new live videos of Renegade shows in 2014 and 2015 and an updated biography, photos and music videos.  Go to Soom T artist page or click HERE.


For all Soom T Live Gigs go HERE










Trinity Lofi artist page updated with new video, music and player HERE


Helgeland 8 Bit Squad hailing from Norway are currently involved in a top secret project for Renegade Masters.  A firm squadron leading operations in Scandinavia, we are delighted to officially welcome them to the Renegade fold as they prepare to unleash a pounding hive of killer bees.  Check them out HERE





Vibronics new album is crammed to capacity with bass heavy sound system dub. From the roots of orthodox reggae right through to the far reaches of new UK bass music culture, The Return Of Vibronics is a no-compromise dub mission. This time Vibronics have hooked up with some proper JA reggae heavyweights, in the form of King Tubby/Yabby You legend Michael Prophet and Mad Professor microphone don Macka B, as well as contemporary UK talents including the Scottish firestorm MC Soom T and Leicester vocal luminary Madu Messenger. 12 brand new tracks of pristine vocals, militant instrumentals and intense dub mixes.



NEW RELEASE - Return Of Vibronics – Don’t Follow Babylon


NEW RELEASE – KONCHIS – Konstellation EP



We are honoured to introduce the Renegade Master’s freshest recruit straight outta Glasgow who has prepared this undeniable assault on the senses with this deadly package. The 5 tracks come in a beautifully packaged animated sleeve. ‘Aries’ glides in with a deeply introspective march tying gently to ‘Cosmos’ which is just that, an escape to a yet inexperienced mood of nostalgic bliss with subtle electro interference that only a true visionary can inspire with thoughtful leanings into spacey ambience which introduces ‘Charade’ which by now would have soothed the paws off any beast you had in the area. Track 4 lifts you up with a piece of wonky originality which will have you hovering over the rewind button bringing us to an ending which comes too soon in ‘Mercury,’ a blinding beauty of a piece summing up the sheer brilliance that marks this exciting new Scottish gem.


Keep up to date with Soom T gig dates here >>


Out on Wagram now, this track is currently being heavily playlisted across commercial radio channels throughout France.  Over 100K views in 7 days and a beastly music video to boot shot in 5 countries over one month.  Produced by the mighty Tom Fire, french classically trained experimental commercial production wizard and general good guy.  Currently finishing the debut ‘Soom T’ commercial release LP with some tracks created alongside Mcanuff collaborator and master of all things dub, Fixi.  This beast is out on Wagram / Chapter Two in November 2015 after 2 years in the making.  Stay tuned!!


Check the video here:  




Greetings Renegade


We are looking at taking the control away from FB and other "social" networks and would be delighted to contact you by email about shows / releases and many other special treats like free downloads that we will simply not spread on FB due to the new restrictions the big Babylon Empire Control Spy Machine Mechanism has put into place.  Please sign up using the form to the left or you can share the sign up form via this link -



Thanks you and salutations

Soom T


Renegade Masters



Your commander decided a few years ago not to record anymore dubplates.  This currently stands but I hope to get back to it someday. In the mean time you may request Dubplates from Trinity Lo Fi and Helgeland 8-bit Squad. I do however record jingles twice a year as well as birthday and get well wishes for children who are under the weather so if you have a friend, radio station or soundsystem that requires a few words, I would be delighted to bass it up for you with some love and grace.  There is no charge for this service which is done as a free gift to all brothers and sisters who have good enough taste to request such awesomeness for their fellows. All requests to:


Your Commander now has her own personal commander aka manager.

For all enquiries related to SOOM T and not Reneegade Masters please contact the following troops.


Kwame Kwaten (Manager) – ATC / Ferocious Management –

Jody (Renegade manager):

Ben Coghill (Bookings) – Elastic Artists –

Trinity Lo Fi Smash One Love Festival and Superbyte 2015

Monkeys Munched Mad Mushrooms

Digital Steppaz 0404 riddim mash up 

Trinity Lo Fi took their youthful and infectious energy to Superbyte and One Love Festival this summer with both sets going down a blast.The monkey off we had at Superbyte was probably the highlight, two members of the crowd battling to be the best monkey, they were both so good they both got a prize. It was amazing to see the baby zico crawling into bass bins and Patrick Anselm's children continuing his legacy on the Instrument of Jah soundsystem. Our children are our future, and it is always a pleasure to see the wisdom and emotional intelligence they can display. Elijah - Patrick's son said "My dad was the best dad in the world and I am going to continue what he started", this instantly brought tears to my eyes and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. It was also amazing to be introduced to the extremely welcoming Chip Scene, a completely egoless scene of people who love the chips and the music they make, more a collection of loving hobbyists than you might find in other ego fuelled music scenes.

RIP Patrick Anselm - DJ Trinity Spins - Soom T - Pull It Up at One Love Festival 2015

7th November 2015
Mercado das Borboletas, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)


5th December 2015
Clube dos Democráticos, Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)


10th December 2015
Dragon de Barranco, Lima (Peru)


11th December 2015
Sociedade Beneficente Operaria, Curitiba (Brazil)


12th December 2015
Club Praia Joaquina, Florianopolis (Brazil)


18th December 2015
Porao do Cica, Sao Carlos (Brazil)


19th December 2015
Sub Galeria, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Soom T South America Tour

Soom T is heading down to South America for December to escape the Scottish Winter and to supply our family down there with a soundtrack of peace, love and jollyness.

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