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Soom T is the female songwriter, singer, MC and activist music record label director hailing from Scotland.  Having spent the last 20 years collaborating with artists from The Orb and T. Raumschmiere, Miss Kittin, King Creosote, Asian Dub Foundation, The Scottish act Bluebells,  Bhangra hit makers ‘Tigerstyle,’ Reggae and Dub Soundsystems around the world and many other definitive artists, the acclaimed vocal Queen continues to gather momentum as a timeless innovator of some of the most memorable and original songs in Reggae in the last decade whose classic voice in the wilderness is a beacon of light for a suffering generation. 

Having fronted Scottish trip hiphop dub live band ‘Monkeytribe’ from 2001, the MC honed her skills creating over 60 songs with the off the wall and experimental band consisting of Griff, Pala, Cook, Billy Didge, Dinger & Rosco, finally leaving the motley crew to go solo in 2005.  Touring tirelessly spreading an eclectic mix of selected music to present an energetic live show, the seasoned Raggamuffin has performed at the World’s largest multi genre and World music Festivals alongside the likes of The Wailers, Cypress Hill, Goldfrapp and Shaggy. Her inclusion in super-group ‘Burns Unit’ saw her perform anti-warsong ‘Send Them Kids To War’ on Jools Holland in 2011 whilst creating songs for award winning Theatre Production musical ‘Glasgow Girls’ in 2013 for which Soom T also penned the title track.  Soom T can be witnessed in just about every part of the world with a good music venue, from Canada, USA, Mexico, Brasil, Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Japan, China, Caribbean and of course France where Soom T’s cheeky collaborations with pop singer Naaman in 2013 saw her unleash the soul Diva and delight fans across the country. A supporter of all things righteous, her music can be summed up as militantly activist, powerful and wholly unique with a bassy vocal delivery which astounds the listener with a voice as distinctive as the cascading mountains of Loch Lomond where the eclectic Diva resides. Her Christian approach to music creation ensures that Soom T continues to go from strength to strength, eager to present her positive spiritual views by releasing timeless music which has the rare ability to deeply inspire and bringing joy and ecstatic enthusiasm wherever heard. Not one to shy away from her Christian influences and ideals, Soom T aims to create music about her greatest love being ‘Jesus Christ’ which she is adamant will be a mainstream chart topping topic someday and has vowed to achieve such a dream, before her time is out.  Having signed a record deal with France heavyweights ‘Wagram’ in 2013, the artist is keen to present the fruits of her 2 LP deal with the first album produced with Tom Fire and Fixi to an eager audience.  The LP is out in November 2015 and is currently playlisted on various commercial stations across France.  Check Soom T out now!!


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