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Patric Catani is some lad and with a remix on the first Renegade Release with some other tracks underway for release on the label not to mention other remixes from this heroic figure with some background, he truly is the kind of renegade master the label seeks and is up there with the best of them. He’s a wee legend and theres no denying it.

Rather than give you all the chat about Patric here its best that you go direct to his website which will show just how many tiers there are to his multi faceted character which ranges from making and releasing records longer than most of us have been listening to records, ripping up old retro gear to remake into new music making equipment, circuit bending, creating scores for computer games not to mention making records for a myriad of different projects and a squillion other projects which almost convinces one that he must have built a cloning machine to be able to achieve so much. Check out his alter ego Candie Hank and listen to some of the unique stuff that comes out of that super artistic head of his.


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