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Born and raised in the majestic serenity of Helgeland, coming from a jazz and rock background, Mathias and Didrik started making laptop reggae riddims in 2011.


Quickly proceeding to have regular production sessions in each others apartments, they very soon got a wealth of attention on the soundcloud community, undoubtedly due to their relentless work ethic and high standard of reggae inspired basslines and 8 bit melodies. With the recent addition of live dubbing riddims and performing their own self-styled and political dancehall and reggae vocals, we are very happy to represent these Norwegian Renegades amongst our ranks.


After joining Lambsbread Soundsystem (NO) they started doing live shows, and have played their hugely popular self styled riddims and special reserve dubplates alongside vocalists such as Echo Minott, Ham der Hasse, Soom T, Speng Bond and Jahvice.



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