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Born in a little town in south of italy, Francesco starts playing classic guitar and piano at an early age. Later he founded a Punk rock band called MILITANZA. Who got in touch with the militant underground techno tribe culture, playing at free parties organized by Spiral tribe, Lego, Kernel Panik around the year 2000.

After the MILITANZA days Francesco found himself getting closer to the  more peaceful and healthy vibes coming from Jamaica and roots music , collecting 7" and many records become closer to Reggae Culture. Promoting in italy and spain artists such as Mc Soom T, Jahtari, DIsrupt, Brother Culture...

Obtaining a degree from the SAE in "media and creative arts" he became a professional engineer working for Television, Radio, Theatre, Clubs, Concerts, Recording Studio.

Sound Engineer for Macy Gray, David Murray, Renegade master, Sala Apollo, the list is long.

In 2012  he founded his own record label and Publishing company : echorek dub factory 

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