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Raggamuffin Pack – Mars Tour de France 2013

The Glasgow Girls musical that your Commander has been involved in making songs for with a host of brilliant people started it’s run at the London Stratford East Theatre in London to rave reviews. Myself, General Hull, Colonel Windebank, Cadet Connor and Janitor Griff went down to support the team and had the best night ever down in London at the Stratford East and danced with the cast which was a delight.  Here is who the Glasgow Girls Stage Musical was really all about and major renegade salutations to these renegades of a high order.  We salute you brilliant wee lassies.

Check out some positive star filled reviews>>

Staged and performed with an integrity that makes it the most politically engaged and enraged British musical since Blood Brothers.’  _ The Sunday Express ★★★★
'The spirit of Joan Littlewood is surely looking down'  Evening Standard ★★★★
'true raw power'  The Metro ★★★★
'Awe-inspiring'  TimeOut ★★★★
It's easily the best and most important new British musical since LONDON ROAD – SHENTON STAGE
★★★★ 'Astonishing' _ The Telegraph
★★★★ 'Electrifying' _ The Scotsman
★★★★ 'beautifully realised' _
'the emotional impact of the show is undeniable' _ The Herald

For your chance to go and see it get your tickets now by checking out :

Glasgow Girls at Stratford East London


Holy Truths Of A Renegade Master
It’s sure taking it’s time but as in all good things it will take time.

Here is a short excerpt :

Here is a short excerpt:
‘Love your enemies’


If you allowed others who created your misery to upset you by their deeds, you simply perpetuate that lower vibration thought wave which was had at previous time and which attracted that lower experience to you in the first place. 
  If you hate or are angry at anyone even if they did something seemingly unforgivable you simply allow yourself to continue hurting and stop yourself from being able to evolve by not allowing yourself to attract positive things because all your thoughts are negative. 


For this reason you only attract negative things and then you become even angrier and so the miserable cycle continues. 

This is one of the best reasons to ‘love thy enemies’ because if you don’t then it’s you who suffers. 
Leave your enemies or those who have wronged you to the devices of a just and perfect force which will dish out whatever each person deserves according to their actions. 
Anger is a painful infection and you should work very hard to never allow it to take hold of you. 
Always respond to a situation attempting to arouse your temper in a calm, collected and even kind manner for those doing the provoking will soon feel their own angry stirrings come back to haunt them threefold and leave you untarnished. 


Medicate an angry situation with calm loving kindness.  Stop for a second and remind the other that under no circumstances do you wish to become angry and so you approach the situation in a relaxed manner of common sense and decent discussion.  Love is always the answer.  Sympathy, kindness, patience, understanding, forgiveness, gentleness, empathy and love are the way to deal with everything whilst remaining firm in your view.  It’s difficult to remain angry at anything when you remind yourself of this.  I have tried to share this idea in the form of a cute wee story.

The Little Tree

There was a tree in a huge forest which caught fire after 2 men started a fire nearby and began to fight.  Their fight led some burning wood to be tossed around which resulted in the nearby tree catching fire.  The tree was very angry and the more upset it got the more the fire engulfed the tree.  In its rage the tree threw of sparks of fire towards the other trees which also caught the angry flames.  The newly flaming trees all became angry at their situation and continued to spread the vicious fire to all they were able to touch with their licks of orange brutality.  Finally the flames reached a tree which stood next to a cliff at the edge of the forrest.  This little tree was in a good place to receive nourishment due to a nearby waterfall which splashed enough water on the tree continuously that it was never truly dry and always remained cool and wet.  When the flaming tree attempted to cast it’s flames onto the little tree, it instantly absorbed the flames and as the other tree burned the little tree was able to use it’s moisture to throw drops of water on the tree.  After some effort the little tree had wet the burning tree enough to put out it’s fire.  The saved tree in gratitude decided to throw off some of it’s newfound water onto the flaming tree behind it and so this cycle continued until 4 trees were no longer alight with fire.  Then there was thunder and heavy rains fell and put out all of the flames from all the trees.  So you see how one little tree in the right place with the correct attitude cannot only protect itself from the flaming onslaughts of others but can also draw the power by right intentions to extinguish such a violent threat by it’s approach and spread it’s own calm and healing to all infected instead of letting the raging inferno affect it.  One little tree sorted this all out.  Be this little tree and never let anyone infect you with their anger.  Instead throw your calming and kind droplets of understanding, forgiveness and patience on them and you will rescue them from a severe burning.

Until I see you all my Renegade brethren all over the globe.  Be at peace and let the source be with you always.

Renegade Salute

Soom T


The Renegade Brigade



In the Spring of 2012 Yöt teamed up with Scottish born vocalist Soom T (Renegade Masters). The product of this recording session? The first track on Yöt 4; the moody epic funk shuffle beat banger 'The Cure'. Rising synths, tough beats and heaps of squelch all pushed up against Soom T's unmistakable flow. A sure shot was born.

Released by RAHA & TUNTEET 

Release date - 21/01/13 

The raggamuffin Pack Tour began in full swing to sold out venues.  Major props out to Xabi at Music Action, Papaystyle, Naaman and the Skarra Mucci.  Big up to The Skints for their punk vibe and big love to all the promoters and brilliant folk who turned up to rock.  Here they are:

RAGGAMUFFINPACK Update - March 2013 

click to enlarge >>









but In the mean time here is the preview Edit >>

Our Indian friends who kindly put this video together have sent word

that the final version is almost ready.  We can't wait to see it......

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