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The next missile by the Renegade Squadron aims at the roots oriented reggae head directing into the ear canal to sooth and uplift the post war commercial battleground in a style reminiscent of 50’s jazz approaching an unmistakable blend of early Wackie’s colliding with Aretha on a laid back sweet treat highway in Autumn.  A sweet collaboration between Sicilian village escapee based in Barcelona ‘Echorek’ recording the 8 piece band ‘…..’ to create the perfect backdrop to this spectacular bit of work with the usual love from Soom T, the Renegade Commander delivering direct from the source.  The eternal quality of this one will prove to be just that, a timeless masterpiece you’ll find yourself rewinding time and time again. 

Let the source be with you!!!

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Ola Renegades

The brief from the ministry of bass justice is victorious.  We have been representing the positive action sentiment of lone soldiers by getting busy pigtailing some new legs on to the octopus that is the Renegade High Command.  Your commander has been getting into some good books lately not least one that has sold more books than any other.  It’s a beast I must say and I’ll be getting a free book out myself for all Renegades trapped within this ever moving plane that we call existence.  What is existence anyway?  Waking up in the morning and having a wee cuppa?  Blowing our eardrums to some serious bass? On that ear blowing note I heard what could be a new urban bass myth but one that has been verified by a mate who knew the mate’s dad’s, girlfriends ex who stuck his head in one of Mungo’s speakers at Outlook and blew his eardrums right out.  Apparently they were bleeding and all he could hear was ‘haffi rock’ repeating itself endlessly in his head.  No one knows where he is so if anyone does please ask him to get in touch.  We have many roles for our renegades even if they can’t hear and I’m sure my mother would agree that if hanging out with me or any of my sisters for that matter, you would see it as a blessing.  At least he’ll never have to suffer another reggae song intro of ‘hear me now.’  Sorry, that was in very bad taste indeed.  99 hail mary’s for me tonight.



Your commander got busy in India with the troops with a tasty video shot throughout Delhi by Mr Herbalist & …….  The kids in the video who are dancing are from an area called Malviya Nagar classified as a ‘slum’ hence their troupe name ‘Slum Gods’ – which I thought was full of good hearts despite the rotten streets and buildings - and they killed it with their breakdancing.  I’ll be planning another trip to visit them soon and all the other kids you see running down the street in this ghetto area who made the whole experience a pure delight and whom I love dearly with plans to take some music projects to them by next year.  Any ideas anyone or would you like to get involved?  Get in touch and let’s do this.  Here’s the video:




To celebrate the launch of the event Renegade’s sister imprint Folk U Records who is more into Jazz, Soul and Folk music has released this spectacular 7”. Get it now at Folk U Records a label set up so that the name could be used.  We expect to do some special offers on future releases so keep your eyes peeled for special Folk Offers.  Also you can buy it from all good digital outlets like Amazon.

The first release from experimental label ‘Folk U’ is as special as its introducing label having been taken from an upcoming Stage Musical premiering at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow October 31st 2012 and Stratford East Theatre,London in 2013. The ‘Glasgow Girls’ musical is a stunning theatrical play depicting the true story of a group of immigrants living in Glasgow who with their Glasgow comrades defied the system by starting a bitter war to save their friend from deportation with her family and change laws which had brought them and their fellow refugees so much trouble. Dissecting deep rooted British immigration issues and offering an insight into the life of a refugee living indefinitely in Scotland’s industrial city of Glasgow, the stage play musical devised by Pachamama Theatre Group Producer and multi-award winner ‘Cora Bissett’, is a strong heart quencher which presents beautifully and musically a tale celebrating the triumph of the human soul over all that attempts to bind it.

With script writer David Greig weaving the tale together the musical includes songs written by Scottish producer, vocalist and actress Patricia Panther, creation wizard Cora Bissett, John Kielty, musical director Hilary Brooks and MC Soom T, offering an eclectic array of styles to perfectly suit the courageous mood. Glasgow Girls, the stage musical is produced by the National Theatre of Scotland, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Citizens Theatre, Pachamama Productions, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd in association with Merrigong Theatre Company (Australia). This special 7” is very limited to 300 copies so get your piece of stage musical history right here from Folk U Records.

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Glasgow Girls Limited Edition 7” Single 

Don’t forget to check out the Renegade Gigs to see where your Commander will be as I was in India in October, then Brasil and Argentina telling the Latin Americans what its awe aboot and recruiting new legions to our burgeoning butter wheel of hope.  As soon as the new website is launched which won’t be long now and “is looking tickety boo” as our new Distribution Lieutenant Jason so delightedly put it, you will be able to see a full list of what every Renegade is up to as you’ll get an updated list on all our braw hate fighting renegades locations.  Get there and form a human shield around them as they battle to save our world.  Here are some pictures and video from the delightful tours.

I was invited to perform in a jail following in the footsteps of Johnny Cash in Buenos Aires in Argentina at the beginning of this month.  Organised by Buenos Aires Punk scene mover and makes it happener Pablo Bobadilla it was planned along with excellent band ‘Pommez’ with whom I sang, Jeff Boto of Dubatak who was my selector for the whole South America tour, Miss Bolivia a psychologist cum MC who rocked hard everytime, Ali Gua Gua - the lead singer of the Cumbia Queers and a crew of photographers to document the alternative concert.

On the prison bus on the way there I taught ‘Pommez’ how to sing the Gayatri Mantra, a sacred vedic chant in Sanskrit so that we could sing it to the prisoners.  Once inside the prison, some of the prison officers and prison hospital staff insisted on learning it too and so I ended up giving a class in the prison yard surrounded by the staff while the prisoners looked on in wonder.  I spoke to one of the lads called Emmanuel who said he loved football and I told him I was a celtic supporter and he seemed delighted about it telling me that he loved Barcelona and that he was a football hooligan.  I asked if he would behave today for the concert and he said he would try but that I wasn’t to sing anything that sounded like a football song or he might get riled up.

We were led into the jail past very high fences topped with barbed wire exactly as you’ve seen in any USA prison movie with a large exercise yard which had a PA set up for the performances.  The prisoners entered and were all patients from the psychiatric wing of the prison making me feel like one of the patients in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest,’ but on singing some songs and interacting with the lads I felt quite at home with them and talked about how they were the sane ones while the rest of the world was mad.  They were a total bunch of characters and eventually some of them even joined in singing.  I won’t forget them.  We have all been invited back so I expect I’ll be popping by there to sing for them everytime I visit Buenos Aires.

They were by far the most unique and special audience I have ever played to.  At times they didn’t even seem to be listening, distracted by all the outsiders in the exercise yard and I looked up to the sunny sky as I sang my heart out giving thanks for the opportunity to share all I had with the lord’s imprisoned children letting them know that they are loved each and all of them.

The whole project was a design by the staff of the prison who felt it therapeutic to provide music therapy for the patients and would bring in some musicians to perform for them once a month.  The aspect I relished the most was the performing this time for an audience whose needs were not the usual needs of the audiences we usually play to.  We were not there to win new fans or sell records but were instead there to do what we do best to share what we were good at to sooth the hearts of the people who heard it.  These people had had a tough life and were now living in tough conditions and to make matters worse were deemed to be mentally unwell and I felt joyful to be able to share some time with them.


Your commander will be joining French MC’s Naaman, Papa Syle & Skarra Mucci for tour of France in March 2013.  In conjunction with Music Action Agency this one off tour will be a showcase of some of France’s best new MC’s breaking out of the underground in Raggamuffin Pack – The Raggamuffin Revival Tour.  Check for dates here:

Raggamuffin Pack – March Tour France 2013

Renegade Masters are spreading the Dubatak album Old feeling around this side of the pond.  It’s a cd which comes in a  deceptive 7” cover and was manufactured to promote Brasil’s rising champion soundsystem ‘Dubatak.’  The album hosts a nice line up of MC’s and including myself check the other mouths on the mic on the old feeling riddim.

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Dubatak – Old feeling Riddim – Available now in STORE

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In January (which I’m taking off from gigs and all sorts of other nonsense) I’ll stay in Glasgow in the cold comfort of the grim Glasgow street lights streaming in through a tenement window by Kelvingrove Park just up from the Dram pub to finish some tunes, learn how to master them and complete the book which I can only describe as the new truth.  It’s basically the same message as the one my brother brought us 2000 years ago but with an easier to absorb language.  It will be written so that a child of about 3 and up could understand it.  A child under 3 need not understand it as they already know it so its pointless to try and teach them what they already know.  It will give a few simple explanations to some of the things that was said back then which some folk felt the need to murder him for when it was the equivalent of someone saying ‘would you like some of this water?’ and then having his head bludgeoned with a broken Buckie bottle for the kind gesture.  I know, it’s ridiculous.  What a bunch of barbarians they were back then eh?  Well lucky for us kindness seems to be a more socially acceptable pastime these days so I need not worry when I attempt to show the way to improve your lives with simple thoughts and discussions about what the true messiah of truth is all about and one when understood which leads us to pure joy, freedom and inner peace and who wouldn’t want a bit of that eh?  Here is a wee excerpt taken from ‘Holy Truth Of A Renegade Master.’

Why does jesus speak in parables?

The renegade answer:  Because when you tell stories you dictate the emotion of the listener and it conditions us to know that where any mention of jesus, or the holy spirit or the father is mentioned there is a change in the atmosphere as the vibration of everything is raised.  When people heard his tales which only thinly veiled the meaning of the higher forces they knew that there was truth in his tales because they could feel it.  When someone speaks only of positive things, especially the highest of positive things such as god the universal controller, the almighty unity of the universe, a change begins to happen in our DNA, in our molecular structure, we begin to change, we begin to let go of our worries, our hang-ups and upsets and our past and regrets, for a feeling of joy is vibrating within you and for the first time you escaped your egotistical view of yourself, your spirit lunges towards the source of such a feeling of freedom and once it grabs you, you are never the same again. 

You know there is a way out now.  A way that you can live in your material way but continue to seek the feeling you felt when you heard tales relating the word of god.  The concentration on details to discover divine truth draws new energy into your aura, opens up new channels in your brain, improves concentration, strengthens the will to maintain positive practises like mediation and yoga and adds a happy spring to your step.  This improved feeling of wellbeing naturally entices the spirit within you to find further solace in the haven of spoken word.  When the word is relaying the truth it puts the spirit at peace and this is our ultimate goal in this lifetime.  Our spirit is not designed to torment us.  Our spirit is designed to lead us to the correct path and when our old unnatural ways are forced to come to an end some of us have teething problems and cling to negative practises which decay and debilitate us purely due to our conditioning.

When Jesus spoke in parables he allowed people to feel time and time again the power of the force of the vibration and how speaking the name of the lord with faithful intent and even hearing the name of the lord graces our life.  The people would hear the word of god with faith that it was the lords will which made them feel this way they could know it could only be the right way.  For all who turn to the lord are welcomed.

Holy Truths of a Renegade Master




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