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Freak. Tried marching with the army but landed hands on the offbeat

Freak. Retracting from acting, smashing the set up, messed up the scene

Freak. Accepted the elements, an elephant in corner filled with wildebeest

Freak. Off the stage but out the crowd, out the race and in the clouds. Free


Freak. Crashed in a mass of masked crowd

Maskless bastard lost at sea

Tossed and beat, rip ragged through a tempest

Spent his engines searching streets

For burdened beasts uncertainly

But cursed to be dispersed from crowds

Searched in the earth for a certain sound

Striking chords with titan’s shouts

{AH} Never to be the same again

Once he dove inside his cranium

Trekked in maze in a hazy mist

Stared in the face of his craziness

Dissected it accepted it

And blessed it with a kiss

Re-entered tempest with fresh tension

From the crèche and crib


Freak, always been a freak you see, this freakiness keeps temping me, these freaks unique we speak to beats so sweet our speech in poetry,

Freak always beena  freak you know, freak to the speech of the Z and co

Lo fi freaks we tell it so, so lets freak out till we all blow, blow

Im that madass out cast standing round with badcat mouse rats,

Chowing down on sounds so bad that mans are bound to crown that sound clash

Champion of the weirdo we acumen we don’t scare we don’t fear no freak.




Yo zico, always been a freako,

Two next of X, outcast like Magnito,

Burning sea flow, no threats could vex, a man that stands as an anti hero, madass zero, bang that gram and stand in weedsmoke,

Mans gan radge and dance to freak flow, man that’s class im skanking ZICO

You would not believe what my mind has seen, my kindest dream

Is something that could bring a primal scream

From the baddest mother lovers, that might have killed their brothers

I write to skill these fuckers and wipe away my freakish dreams.


Four, quarters of a daughters torn heart

Fears and the peers tore it apart

Like greens that turn to reds, a flame

Had started a spark in the darkest parts

Wild. Fire in a mind, brought glow to face

Child. Wired and flowed to the bass

Smiled. Focused owned his space

Styled on center styled on base

Jammed that flow, like animals

Rafting, spanned intangible

Oceans coasting capitals

Motions provoking mask to fall

With a bare face entered a room

She mentioned tunes from base

As she saw who her sentence soothed

She planted, a seed in space







Pierce the skin you pierce skin that your in

Pierce the center pierce the center within

Pierce the life you pierce the life that you've lived

Pierce the sin you pierce the sin that you've been


Reflections, ganna shock the unprepared

Complexion, that locked them in their dread

Infected, A virus took control as

Deceptions, reaped a billion souls

Injecting, a botoxic boast

Insurrection of skin against its host

Imperfections, unnacepted, led to lonely ghost

Disconnected from the essence that made the circle whole

Dissections of brainwaves misdirected

Conceptions of thought better introspective

Inflection changing how we made up

Rejection of faces that didn't make up

Affection, of surface, skin deep

Objection, pierce it, think deep, sink deep

Protecting, a skin as you pierce it

Respecting reflection accepting realness




Leave a blood scar to mark out the blackness

Trapped in sedation crazed in an act it’s

A fake face that was slashed with the madness

Foundations taken raped in the black death

A super fish wanted cupids hit from beauty

Stupid girl, sour, but dressed so fruity

Narcissist grasped ostensible duty

Faking a face operating on booty

An injection filled mould

Quest for perfection killed soul

A dissector of skin sold

A gimmick changing image stretching the wrinkles

Urges turned to curses in the spinal

Hunted and shunted led to a psycho

They stole the ivory from rhinos

Profiteers preyed on the primal




Acceptance was addictive

Retching intestines out for the thinness

All the apes were already gifted

Smash the mirror, grasp on the limpid

A worry that the others would reject her

But when the others started to inspect her

The others saw an image that was dressed up

So she attracted the actors and thesps love

Next up is a subject with shed skin

No mask, clarified light led them

Tormenting act transcended

Addicted to purity, resplendent mended

Remember the virus of midas

A desire for the finest bled him to dryness

A retraction of act will define us

Fighting the crisis truth is arising




Heart of a story

I am about to go and spend a week being homeless in the west end of newcastle, I will sleep rought for a week, scrounge for my food, access the services that other homeless individuals in the west end use, I will interact with as many homeless people as possible and immerse myself in that lifestyle as deeply as I can. Erm, I hope that you perceive this to be a fearless approach to a story, it certainly feels brave from where I’m sat right now. I’m about to embark upon this documentary tomorrow morning, it has certainly caused a huge amount of trepidation among my family and friends who do think it’s a brave thing to do. That’s the impression I want to leave you with about my willingness to get to the heart of a story.




I stay trapped in my head, waiting for my death

Take my final breath from this realm, this concrete jungle

I’m staying humble never looking for a royal rumble

Working in the soil, like a bumble bee

Floating on serenity, yes you see

It is me, that louie zico

Trapped in his iller mind with some killer rhymes

Never killing time cuz time is a blessing

Yet im stressing, so im putting more sess in my zoots

I’ve upset my essence im feelin that blues

But the blues and the cheese, it brings me to my knees

Ppending all my cheddar bunning holes in my jeana

Geeze, can I get a little bit of that sweet release that sweet release

Cuz the trees got me under the thumb theyre number one

Second to none, oh no, now



I don’t give a damn where ya coming from, these mans got the plans in our hands and we’re coming on strong, eyes to the skies, I, drop beats not bombs

I don’t give a damn where ya coming from, these mans got the plans in our hands and we’re coming on strong, eyes to the skies, I, drop beats not bombs


The concrete jungle, got me locked up in a cage

The lies that broadcast, got me pent up in a rage

The pressure got me burning up the weed in J’s

Energy is locked up, Sasquatch in a cage

Rattling bars, getting mad with the prison guards

Spit hard Bigfoot kill the prison guard

Split his head in half escaped from the prison yard

Barefoot in the woods, staring at the stars

Rearrange cranium make my own paradigm

Take the time to slowly grasp and grab a mind

Hammer rhymes, with the hidden subliminals

Stealing methods from them marketing criminals

Elevate the masses with a bass skank encore

Want more? You gotta rave for the bomb talk

Stomp on floor and show me your skank step





Eazylee (RIP)

Eyes to the sky like wey aye not wey aye but why am I

Eyes rolling like I’m disdainful, two eyes have I a third brainful

Eyes on the horizon without trying the foresight of a forth eye that looks inwards

Through skin like x-rays can’t see tomorrow or the next day vexed mate

Eyes rolled like a joint, pierce straight to the point

I am looking beyond that, round corners full circle and back

I, eyes to the sky for a new formation

Can’t see passed the clouds pour rain it’s eyes like the makkem graff writer

Fuck rivalries hold tight eyes, Spite in mind full of rage

The eyes staring back out the cage upward

Eyes to the sky wey eye

Come down written in them

Eyes sinking but no words but clearly thinking

On the brink of a downpore, down some more and get vacant

All the eyes in a snake pit ssssss

It’s eyes to the house of gods I give praise

Begging for a sunny

Eyes that look glazed

I am stuck in a maze, stuck again






Super Tamade


When the east is in the house man it's dangerous

The game is up cos all the players are fake as fuck

Lame as ducks with a broken foot and no crutch

And a sawn off shotgun pointing at the puddle you's are holding up

We broke as fuck but it's not about the money man

Give him a hundred grand and watch how his hoody shrank

Shrink wrapped over his big bulbous head

Now even he's started to believe the shit that he's said

He bleeds red ruby wine and he sings to the choir

Pointing fingers at liars but in truth he aspires

Part of the crowd now and it's down to the wire

Desire deserves it's victim and it's him it acquires

Suffice to say let the good times roll

Tried blow high price whores prising eyes from skulls

And he's fired up enough to get clubs live as fuck

Survivalist biting at the bit with all types of drugs

Kids buy him drinks their lining up the mugs

But magnify the looks with the eyes the size of bugs

Wired now never wound down so he's wound up

Wishing he was back in the same town they found him



They’ve got beats, but ya kna we’ve got more

Hot on the crust and we’re hot to the core

I see you head nod stomp feet once more

Crank up the pressure or get popped in the jaw


[Swaggest OG]
Lyrics unavailable




Head shot gun blast, nah its never fun man

We killing all the gun man with the power of the drums man

8 bit, radge man, international sound clash, smash

Dancehall ganning radge!

Fuck your normal shit its boring kid we filling up the riddim that the lo fi imported, important shit

We send the vocal, Newcastle to Norway kid

We balling with the helgeland 8 bit, theyre raw in this its awesome shit

Black and white toon toon

Blowing up the tune tune

Cranking up the pressure yeah

We’re fucking with the room room

Helgeland 8 bit, nah they never take shit

Stacking up the steppas yeah theyre classics yeah they make hits

And ima get inside your earlobe with sheer flow

Fuck apart your cranium and take all your beer home

You think im bluffing? My words are nothing

Well heres something, you’ll never see it coming


That massive one, strangled in Babylon

Trapped in a high rise, a high mind from massive bong

Big guns big feet and a massive shlong

The big Laaadd is ganna smash the carry on

Bursting the fakers naughty Geordie dancehall

Took a red pill, killed the matrix, and smashed wall

Aborted the beast that contorted and mangled

Shot the slaver - Bang - Django

Rambo, rampaging taking on the army

Insurgent with crossbow I’m hot bro and barmy

I’ll harm yee with arrow to the heart see I’m nasty

Creep behind the scenes with sneaky moves I’m crafty

And I’m tear apart your corpse when I’m done with you

The hardest darkness, heavyweight like the punch I threw

Munching tunes, getting drunk with crunky punk. It’s who?

Helgeland 8 bit squad, dunked in dub with dubes


Time Saving Machine


Connected through an ether, a distance kept them separated

Battery of energy clones in the matrix

A yottabyte of data, hoarding the faces

In a store that was right on board the slave ship

In the palpable her sistren slipped away quick

She logged back on, had her doubts validated

A digital link had been cut clearly stating

The love that she loved was no more conjugated

Serial experiments were leading lain to places

Where everything existed, a web of vibrations

Sex with your neighbours, or constant conversation

Reality was trapped in - constant constipation

No paws for thought, No constant contemplation,

Round corners hordes and scores of monsters will be waiting

They start contorting the thoughts, dictated information

And seers warned of the war that started planet shaking

And when the hearts plugged in to the matrix

Effects of the starships replaced em

Shuffle digi deck rearanging

Foundations of a slave ship creation

A cryptical binary code of a nation

Linked to but free from vibrations

Getting in space ships with ancients

The old and the new creation



Everybody loves a time saving machine

And that technology just loves to be


Wake up a ghost give a host to a story

Everybody loves a time saving machine

And that technology just loves to be


Wake up a ghost give a host to a story


When the light comes to life the machines come alive

Open eye of the 4th kind to polarize

Disguised by its many faces, the patterns placed in the coding get erased as the tales Start foreboding

Of artificial brainwaves and intelligence,

They said they’d save brains of its irrelevance

Society is changing within the evidence

Its’ our own recklessness leading us to negligence

They lack concern and work into robotics

So they can learn and we can learn from it

3 laws created, but laws are meant for breaking

So our own mistakes, will make our own enslavement

Technology is on the rise, if we can fly like an eagle they can wake in our life

Humanities evolution, homo evolutus, get rebooted and rework the blueprints




Sure the guilt was irrepressible- memories simply unforgettable

What depths? to the ends of this earth are traveled for better or worse-

But to end up gagged by the force- they call an innovation

Now what you thought before is gone, thats why we operate on patients

Still in pain, and won't administer pills,

Don't disinfect the wounds and snorted all the ketamine for cheap thrills

Said 'keep still'- you're not here to receive the zest

In pursuit of something deeper whats the pleasures of the flesh?

Human futures are a mesh of inexpressible debts to the biological connection men have tried to suppress

While finding solace in regret -for the plight of a dying population

Kids these days don't show no respect-too busy vegetating

Getting wasted- trying a find escape inside a matrix

They've glimpsed a life thats rare but only ever barely grasped the basics

And so- who really cares? naw i don't need a reason

Just believe the depletion of time assigned to machines has come uneven

An' i can't seem to stop the righteous man from leaving

But neither is he sure at all of ever finding freedom

An' i'd like to think you've seen him -bare witness to the scorn of demons

There to keep the bottom feeders working, they abhor the poor-

An undeserving person's just a casualty of civil war?

Fought against the backdrop of a planet in collision course

From split decisions and short sighted prescriptions-

Exist to drive a division through scientific opinion-till your in submission-

Thrilled to find my skills are inadmissible,

Stricken from the record i was tret like a criminal

Their lawyers say its simply unforgivable my ploys are political

Fixed to destroy all that which empowers the individual

I scoured a clouded land to forge a plan, and found no man to stand accountable

Bound by their insurmountable doubts, caus if its palpable- the bounce is dismissed

"Its not allowable"- but the big twist is-- that we found a glitch


What Happened To The Apes


Bursting through the seams like an acid fiend in lucid dreams

They opened up the doors beneath and now the mutants free

Pandora’s box was opened, the ghosts did walk the street

Hiding in the shadows firing arrows from the deep

A lady once a goddess found her path becoming darkened

She turned around and looked for light but everything departed

A man of strength once would worship now he rose above

Once Sahara dried and died the doors were opened up

Archetypes and paradigms had surely made a shift

The patriarch had stricken down the matriarchal bliss

Feminine energy had struck a deep discord

Hands of man had fanned the furnace iron into pistol

Bang bang bang, it was the murder of a mother loved

A desperate look for land-to-land few waited on the dove

To bring back one small olive branch, banish out the lies that blind

Waiting for a time to rise, warriors of the sunshine

The had to hide in light as the shadows spread throughout

Blackness would hide in rice and enter through the mouth

In the center of the cloud, the apex of the riddle

They faced each other down and split the story through the middle

A rapture of fantastical, immeasurable proportion

Split the mental halves in half and led them like an orphan

Aborting, the fetus that had suckled on the blood

The warriors of the sunshine lived in heaven and rose up



La, la la la

What happened to the apes?

A ha ha ha

Radiowaves from outer space

La, la la la-ha

What happened to the apes?

A ha ha ha-la

Radiowaves from outer space


The apes have gone and disappeared into mirrored spectrums

Left tension, as we quiver here… in this dimention

The sentence… was for global destruction

Floods of lands, other people, oh, he said fuck them

Punished them for the truth, he’ll reward the lies

He’ll Separate the water and we’ll scotch the skies

The night was eternal, until he saw light,

Thought it was a good idea, The sun came then night

Water seperates… the land from the deep,

the man from heaven, the sand in the keep

The moon Celestial partner never changes

In the 7 phases of the cycles, 12

Reign hell for what this lesson spells

(Reign hell for what this lesson spells x2)

So run run run the apes have got theyre guns

Turning into beasts of night destroying things for the fun

Left numb…by the evil of the realm

No captian at the helm to steer them clear from hell

Oh well, oh dear, the anger forms of fear

Crafted in to hatred, so suffering’s always near

The seer, she see’s it in her dreams

Men once made of honor, now crushed into the seams

It seems so cerebral of the scene

of Radiowaves creating lucid dreams




Warriors of the sunshine


He was a chemical reaction

Spent his days seeking chemical satisfaction

Crystalized crystalline absorbed up his nose

Reactions of the type he liked made plans and thoughts come close

Ideas so creative inside his mind were born

Such a waste of creative talk for plans were never formed

Escaping to the world through a window of a sloth

The other six of the deadly, crept in to his loft

Spent many years suffering but faking he was fine

A tormented brain but on the outside was a smile

The bird in the iron cage was dying to spread his wings

Spread the life of waking up, the subject of when he sings:



Warriors warriors of the sunshine rise up

Warriors warriors of the sunshine light up



He passed a mirror and saw himself reflected

A razor blade cut away and there he was dissected

From inception of conception this happening was bred to be

Since times of old minds were stole and lives were set to be

He treads first footsteps on paths to lead him somewhere

He knew he wouldn't reach the end but only pass through somewhere

On infinite paths with no beginning and no end

He could only see in front of him yet feel what’s round the bend

Harmonized with frequencies that found him in a likeness

A light that blinds, shadows cried, he was trying not to fight this

Controlled the swing of pendulums that wished to spark convulsions

Had to step away from the other mans that were convulsing

Being taught teaching teachings feeling part of circuit

The link in the iron chain had firmly been asserted

From one still connected now it’s more

From when they wake up till when they’re walking out the door so:





The current state of world affairs isa source of concern for all of us, the threat of nuclear war, wide spread poverty and economic instability, social and political chaos and psychologgical upheavals of many kinds. The world is in absolute turmoil, the shambhala teachings are founded on the premise that there is basic human wisdon that can solve the worlds problems. This wisdom does not belong to any one culture or religion, nor doe it come from the west or the east, rather it is a tradition of human warriorship that has existed in many cultures at many times throughout history. Warriorship here does not refer to making war on others, aggression is the source of our problems not the solution. Here the word warrior is taken from the tibetan “pawo” which literally means “one who is brave”.




All the musings of the Bigfoot and the Zico in one place

Trinity Lo Fi X Helgeland 8-Bit Squad - "Helgemental EP" Full EP Lyrics

Trinity Lo Fi X Helgeland 8-Bit Squad - "Beat The Boss" Full Album Lyrics

Trinity Lo Fi X Helgeland 8-Bit Squad - "#The Level up Sesh1" Full EP Lyrics

Trinity Lo Fi X Helgeland 8-Bit Squad - Beat The Boss LP


Boot The Boss


Trinity Lo Fi X Helgeland 8 Bit Squad

Beat the boss

Quit your job

Beat the boss

Quit your job

Beat the boss

Quit your job

8 Bit bit radge man!

It’s the lo fi beating the boss

8 Bit bit radge man!

It’s the lo fi beating the boss

Make it burn like a piss with the clap turn your disk from a blank to a piff bit of skank

Rise up define yourself

Yeah rise up surface through the misery

Rise up

It's the Lo Fi Beating the boss

We broke as fuck but its not about the money man

[It's the Lo Fi beating the boss]

Beat the boss

Quit your job

Beat the boss

Quit your job

An undeserving persons just a casualty of civil war fought against the backdrop of a planet in collision course

Fuck Fuck the system

I am stuck in a maze, stuck again

It’s the lo fi beating the boss

In a maze, stuck again

It’s the lo fi beating the boss

In a maze, stuck again

It’s the lo fi beating the boss

In a maze, stuck again

In a maze

[It's the Lo Fi beating the boss]

Stuck again


Beat the boss



It's the lofi beating the boss, creep in the streets we da freak of the crop

Heating the pot, wida heat from a drop…the riddim is killing we reaping the lot

Reeking of weed, we deep in the pot, eating the demons speaking to gods

…Like cheech and chong Da feet and the zeeks, defeat and beat the boss


It’s the Bigfoot Bursting up

The verses murderer

The urchin merging subs

Wida yearning thirst for dub

Call me radge man

I’ll merk and burst ya lugs

Big food for Bigfoot

I’m the burger burgalar

De’ er normalt for oss

To beat the boss and reach and the top

Fourty hertz of Bass so race to turn the speakers on

Lighter, Bigfeezy’s bong got cheese to chong

I quit my job and beat the boss and now I’m moving on




Here man, we beat the boss,

Tell all your friends to come freak with oss

Be free with us

We feeling the buzz

Here man, we voice the dub

Lo fi stylee choice of sub

Peace and love until we meet and beat the boss

And eat his grub

Pizzas up

We freaks on beats when we speaking up

So turn ya speakers up

We creep on beats when we freaking out

Lo fi helgeland run it loud run the sound




Make it Burn


I spit flames I'm that fire lord,

Put me on the mic and I fire more

Lyrics than you can with my fire jaw

Set the dance floor ablaze

Head up in a haze forget the weed cuz these beats will get you higher more

Spitting flames like am zuko, lightning strike with new flow

Scotchin all the earth redirecting it like sumos

Spitting flames im a dragon I aint bragging but I’ll fucking eat your horse and burn waggon AGGH

Spitting flames like im charazard

put me on the mic and I bang it hard

Burning out in space like the brightest star

Throwing flames im a wizard,

I could just throw a blizzard but the zombies are resistant

Flowing flames like a fire spin, fire wins, blazing all the zombies let the fire fucking singe

I get a lighter, Molotov RAH, throw it off your head and go dance with the dead

You better watch out when we play inferno get burn on your turn bro

Did ya never learn oooh shit, watch as we melt this kid, lofi lava raining hell to dispel this shit

Water by heart, fire by nature the rage burns bright a light like the saviour

Soaring on flames, incinerator, we make it burn like the pudding lane baker!



Make it burn, make it burn make it burn

Gotta burn the Earth land that we yearn

Make it burn, make it burn make it burn

When the ashes on the ground we will turn back turn

Make it burn, make it burn make it burn

Gotta burn the Earth land that we yearn

Make it burn, make it burn make it burn

When the ashes on the ground we will turn back…turn


Feel the beast melt magma and volcanic ash

Smoke toasts the city big feet stamp and smash

Smelt this land make it melt like wax, HAA

Burn the earth, burn the banks and the cash

An hourglass turns again and burns away another day as

History slips swiftly from our yearning gaze so I’m

Burning page intrinsic in singing of system cos

The rage of a population has long been dwindling I’m that

Hot killer, Godzilla, blazing dub and smoking up

My rage flames like capsaicin on jolokia

As cremation incinerates the nations

Lo-Fi blaze with the bass and vibrations

Make it all burn…start from scratch

Feel the heat…waves wash away the land

Feel the beast, smash the grasps of the traps

Let the rage of the flames put the cage in the past




Make it burn like a piss with the clap turn your disk from a blank to a piff bit of skank

Make it burn, November the fifth turn your head to a crisp when my pens in the grip

Make it burn like pay as you go on that falaffel rap swag magic flaming the flow

I make it burn like I’m spaying deodrant flamethrower, wet towel for your chip pan take over

Make it burn like back sack and crack, zip to the nabs or go hard get the lacky snapped

And bright sparks are exactly that, fools with no fuel get dropped like a hacky sack

Make it burn the hardest of shits, turn stars into mist when I’m sparring with this

Hook is the spark, the beat is the kindling, and the flame is the bars that I spit






I stepped through the looking glass soared through the mirror

Left all the cash n laughed walking with shivers

Talked to the caterpillar blazed up the stratosphere

Got lost in a maze then the cat appeared

Smiling with grins made my spine start tingling

My mind was a string stretched far from its England

Lost in the under land march in the circus

Touring with freak shows scarily perfect

Ate a cake then my body got bigger

Drank some shit downshifted my figure

Started chasing rabbit and soon forgot the latter

Wound up at a table drinking tea wife da hatter

1 cupper 2 cuppers we’re the cupper bad men

Who says you suffer when you march with the mad men

The mad men are my men, eat from the wild n bins

Spend time with the tramps and the wild things



And if I’m waking then I’m back to my wonderland

Wasting my life in an act with my wonderclan

And if I’m waking then I’m back to my wonderland

Zoning Phasing mashed in a wonderland

And if I’m dreaming then I’m down in a dremisphere

Drowned in a dream all around without any fear

And if I’m dreaming then I’m down in a dremisphere

Memories hazed in the maze of the hemispheres


I’m sitting at a table and I think this is a dream

Cos a hare sitting opposite sipping on his tea

There’s a heads on a silver platter

Chopped off by the queen

And it looks like I fit the hatter or so it seems

Buut, we’re in this crazy maze,

Constantly we’re changing place

As we celebrate Alice’s un-birthday

I better set the pace as the cards are making chase

Best make hast cuz the queen can make the earth quake


Ah shit now am dead and I didn’t even paint those roses red.

Whaaaat, it was the ace of spades I know he dug my grave, he should be the one that's lying here instead

In my dreams I'm awake, in my wake I am dreaming

Cant focus on the bigger picture cuz its just a screen in my brain

This a game it is driving me insane…  so I play it my own way


Have I gone bonkers?

I’m afraid you have, you've gone completely mad but I’ll let you in a secret, all of the best people are.




I'm chasing time to take my mind off the monotony

Staring at the floor watch it open up and swallow me

Drop deep in this rotten heaps autonomy

Pour bottles by the brass neck chemical odyssey

Follow beautiful bodies celestial beings

A trippy expedition to the realm of the red queen

Extremely vivid like the dream that I'm living

Swigging tea with these villains sticking weed in the chillum

For freedom we charge cards march into battle

Stand with a stack of hearts mark of the shackle

We barking mad bare arms tear from the shadows

From the darkness we smash up when ya step to the castle

Walls come crashing banging beats for us nutters

Gutter speech for the brothers in this land where I wonder where I am

Fudder wacking with the hare and the hatter

Revolutionary air in a gentleman's swagger


Three things



Three things don't stay hidden long, the sun the moon and the truth

So we sing forbidden songs to cut through to you

Three things don't stay hidden long, the sun the moon and the truth

So we sing forbidden songs to cut through to you


So they mask it up, the wall of truth gets plastered up

Painted tainted that’s that stuff, that’s that stuff that’s blasting us

Breeding dumbed down idiots whilst chemically reacting up

A brain taken made in to consumerist distracted ugh

So they mask it up, the wall of truth gets plastered up

It’s a fact it’s fucked, corporations laugh at us

Minds gets tainted lives get wasted I think we've had enough

All you need is food and shelter fuck the brands that grasped and clutched

They can hide truth, hide behind their lies and cry wolf

But this is the third time, so come with me and watch their lies fall

I've been patient waiting at the ringside for my brawl

I've been going psycho, want to tear out bankers eyeballs

So they washed our brains, locked in a box where the monsters played

I'm off this stage, I'm out this act, and I’m not gunna play

So whilst they're rocking a label, Jody Bigfoot drops something fatal

Take your child away from this and make sure they aren't lost from the cradle




So the bankers may make fun at me cuz I aint got that much currency

knowledge is power not monetary they think the switched and fuck up the country

While they sit there comfortably, real peeps out here going hungry,

It’s a fact its fucked and funnily get gunned to sleep in the place you dream

The papers say its terrorists they drop bombs, but the government are selling them

Use your intelligence the war on terror is all just irrelevant

It just betters them, in this endless power struggle

living their lives inside a bubble so I’ll surprise the guys and chuckle

Now im

Walking the streets of cctv, get search by the police for the trees we,

Burn, with by the money we earn, it’s a closed circuit wait for ya turn

5 million cameras Claiming they are our managers

Overstanding the damages we’re causing to out planet yeah

We the people need to take back what we truly love

I wont just watch them as they melt our minds from up above

So fuck the government, the people are not loving GOV

Run for cover when the government start fuckin up




Seven Samurai



Here man … seven samurai

Proteck the village protect the rice

HUUUUAAAAAh, samurai,

Protect the village protect your Wife!!!!


Proteck the village protect your Life

HUUUUAAAAAh, samurai,

Protect the village protect OR DIE


…Ronin now roaming grounds, robbing goods

From the rich take no shit feed the kids…. UNDERSTOOD

…Spread the wealth, give them help, when they need it,

You see what they be in, please help ROBIN HOOD

Shield the rice grain, slice brains on deck

Wu tang…  protect your neck,

Protect your heed or your head, or whatever

Just retreat Cant fuck with the seven

I do it for the people and the love with no master

I’ll get the upper hand kid….Preventing disaster

Uchigatana oh man I, can manage

….Cause damage to bandits I’ll savage

leave the villagers out of this drama

folded steel clashes bone through the armour

I do this for people and the pride and the honour

SO! Come try you’re a gonna,




Little fella in a bit of bother from the bandits

I’m getting radge with katana in my hand gripped

Slash quick, art of war is my tactics

Protect the village, then man scran gohan quick

Slash fast with tachi the ronin gets radgey

You don’t wanna see me war I get nasty

Trapped in attack cos my tactics are crafty

I’m radge when I slash, so fast ya cannit catch me

…Lo Fi are the Righteous thugs

Slice with the hypest of hyper dubs

As the virus of midas rises up

We’re fighting the tyrants slice widda tongue

The finest of swords and the sharpest of knives

Spit the hardest of truths and the darkest of lies

Embark in the horror as we sharpen the mind

Grip hard to my honour protect the little guy




Gather the clan the baddest gang of vigilantes

Sharpen da blades bandits grasp on their band aids

Understand my mandate’s to rampage

Warrior’s stance I’ll ram rage and smash face

Fuck your musket, the real way is steel blade

I’ll leave you bloodless, FEEL PAIN

I could kill you humane but I’m pissed off today


Iaido, aikido, sumo judo

Genome soldier, bruise bones

One swift move three hits to the dome

Switch up the sequence precise with the flow

Bodies everywhere river runs red

Look around as you take your final breath

We won the war but my mind is depressed

Never won a battle - all my comrades are dead


Sacred path of the warrior

From London to Tokyo there are problems with trying to create pleasure and comfort out of speed. The world is mechanised to such an extent that you don't even have to think, you just push a button and the computer gives you the answer. Pleasure has been cheapened, joy has been reduced, happiness has been computerised. The goal of warriorship is to reconnect with to nowness of reality. So you can go forward without destroying simplicity, without destorying your connection to this Earth. In order to rediscover nowness, you have to look back, back to where you came from, back to the original state. In this case, looking back is not looking back in time going back several thousand years. It is looking back into your own mind, to before history began, to before thinking began, before thought ever occurred.


Rise Up

Conquered the mind of his, pineal final sphere

With a viral kick, the light had fired his final fears

Grinding gears, confined and tension had appeared

He felt severe from the zenith to nadir



Rise up, light the light up inside us

Bind us, in life and the love will provide us

Rise up, light the light up inside us

Open our eyes and the vibes will just find us

Rise up, light the light up inside us

Bind us, in life and the love will provide us

Rise up, light the light up inside us


Rise up, a phoenix from its ashes watch the flames dance like a spark from your matches

Rise up, a rocket to the galaxies, finding new life while defying gravity

Rise up, be the change you wish to see, open your eyes or get lost out at sea

Rise up, awaken from your slumber dance with the backyard, ecstatic filled with wonder

Rise up, release your tension, don’t mention the stress, attention to ascension is the key to a happy Life, I found a light in mics and it got me throught the strife of an unhappy time

So I rise up, escape conformity, tormenting lives in a bored reality,

Cuz its boring to me when its force fed not free, get the unrestricted version just rise up and see




Stamp when I stomp in, WHO brings the bombs in

Kick like a whiff in the face mate I’m stonking

Romp with the zombies and freaks just to rest my feet

I found an energy in crest and it set me free

Split a hemisphere elevating crystal clear

Eyed a fear but I laughed then it disappeared

Crashed in a pit, felt trapped on a planet

Saw an anomaly in guise of white rabbit

It chased me and found a taste of rabbit’s holy depth

Invoked with emotion, that burrning in his chest

Reverted him to purest essence, and birthed a rising

Smashed to bits a blanket shrouding love that had disguised him

Rising up. Now we fly in sky, as high as doves

Rising up. Our mind confides, and finds a bind in dub

Rising up. Grin with us, lock eyes and start to sing with us

Rising up. Linking up, syncing with instinct in us




Rise up define yourself, find your true nature find your true wealth

Yeah rise up, surface through the misery drowning your hopes in the pit of pity me,

Pity this? pity shit, your pitty needs obliterated, think of all the things you could achieve if you have the patience, youd succeed if you stuck in at it, so don’t panic, talent comes with practise

Just be you in this land of who is who, don’t be fooled by the fools who are out to trick the crowds and the masses, don’t panic, the politrix have planned it, its all a scam and you know who had a hand in it,

So just be you in this land of here buy this, watch out for politrixs and the politicians slips its all a fix, so please don’t buy into their shit, when the people rise against yeah theyre gonna know what hit,

So just be you in this land of opportunity, everythings a gift, rise up and see the purity

Feel the energy blessed inside your soul, rising up our spirits that’s the lo fi goal.

Trinity Lo Fi X Helgeland 8-Bit Squad - "The #LEVELUP Sesh1"


Trollen Fra Trøndelag



Vi er dæm største trollan frå trøndelag
Wraught with the thoughts of a war on gods
Alt skal rives og røskes bort
Du veit trollan dæm kan lokte kristent blod
Vi er dæm største trollan frå trøndelag
Wraught with the thoughts of a war on gods
Alt skal rives og røskes bort
Du veit trollan dæm kan lokte kristent blod

I morph with my four swords aborting the shadow link
Four quarters of ore and we hammer it
Lofi and oddbob romp with the kaptein,
Attack the king, four swords man we stab em in
..Helgeland 8 Bit - jam and ram it in
BLLOOOOOD and Manic habits of an anarchist
Batter it and splatter it, Vi trollen grab and nyam it quick
Spark in the darkest of hearts where the shadow lives

Fotbad i fjordn, hoppa over fjell
Stæl hammern frå tor slo som det smellt
Du e itj mor mi, sekta å dro hjæm
Blås hugin og munin rett av skuldran tel odin
Ramma av heimert, midgard først så æ skar seiner
Å herre trollet, e itj fornøyd
Før æ sitt bøyd over fitta te frøy!



Mountain troll out my hole and running out of dole
Spouting flows causing damage to the gods thrown
Crushing bandits running rampit on da feet
Cutting kampenstein from mountains AH we let the battle speak
Climbing mount olympus I'll sink your ship from a distance
With no witness and continue on my mission to the top
To the gods, ram rage bull frog never stop
Berzerker like I'm Beowolf taking heads off

Lodoe får det til å koke, græbber loke
Tygger av ham hue bare svæljer det som dop mæn
Gudene har ingen sjangse, full retrett
Odin tatt til fange han blir ført vekk
Dovregubben etter tunge kampesteiner
Hammern tar de med som trofé hjem til jotunheimen
Troll, de gudene frykter, troll, de gudene frykter




Smash Bros



SMASH Bros, Watch how you act boss
Turn Kirby to stone head cracked lots
Back OFF before you get smashed off
Wacked with the hammer man I’ve mastered the smash bros

...RUDDER rudder rudder Ride on a riddim track
Gotta gudda gudda get a guy gotta get a rap
Budda budda bigger guy budda big and bad
Here man i ramp jam with a kitty kat
Get with the silly rap, I'm that silly man
silly with a willy that be chilling in a willy hat
I dip a dab and dab a dip sherbet
Fill a wrap
…Riddling kids with the drips that I drop
Cranked with acid, crack like crocs
Crack that Smash that boss,
HERE MAN I’m that Mad man acting up
...Everybody romp to the beat
I wanna see mad men stomping their feet
Feel that sub nod that heed
If you wanna be a bad man romp like me
…Everybody skank with a bounce
Big mans in the house and were cranking it loud
We captured the crowd, smash with a sound
Im that mad man I'm that clown
..UK Juggalo juggling more
Hard to the core but I start no wars
Want war get punched in the jaw
Punched in the face... floored
Bun tings I can hardly afford
Run tings bump big sub on the floor
Pumping the dub man pumping it raw
The 8 bit ship JUMP ON BOARD
Jump on board X 6
The 8 bit ship man JUMP ON BOARD

Here man we da smash bros
Fast with the raps lightning ZAPDOS!
This mouse cat chats with the badman bigfoot
Viking toes we smash boats
The 8 bit squad yeah they making all the heads nod
Yeah they taking heads off when the bass gets dropped so
Do you really wanna test with a soundbwoy
Jump in a clash get smashed on ya round bwoy
Us smash bros were smashing clowns
Before all disks were round bwoy
So, whats happening whats all good
I don't know if I’m understood
But a concrete donkey’d fuck your hood
And that's no good for you
I improve when we level up level up
Turn the bass and treble up treble up
I ensure chase the devil out devil out
Rocking levels now, now we level up
We never mess it only bless the mic and rep it up
To the fullest, gully with the ninja rope and bullet
The trigger pull it, click click boom
Do you really wanna bop with these mad guys
Zeeks Bigfeet, defeat the boss with mad vibes






Swing with the ninja rope
WE got some dynamite
WE make it burn

The super shopper with the stupidest of super sheep
Banana bombs blow the worms to the deep
Who is me? Worm chief! Beast – BIGGEST OF THE FEET
Here man, We put the worms to sleep
Worm climber and hider in a higher space
I blowtorch and teleport, its the hiding game
Ninja rope above you bruv, mine is placed
BOMB BLAST – Fucked up your base
…and I’m a bust up your bunker kid
Mad cow with the bovine blitz
SHIIT I baseball bat this bitch
Six skims of the worm, Bigfoots killing it
Stinking skunking war n attack son
The armageddon got me wraught with a fat dub
Boom where your bunking, You fools getting set back
Little tool think you’ll cool, you’ll regret that


….Whos this freak? Super sheep man I’ll blow this shiz
missile launcher, destroy this kid
carpet bomb and the holiest of hand grenades
…Cut my worm in half but you double me
I’m the early bird and I’m a catch the cunt that troubled me
…ninja roping for the weapons crate
Scales get uneven, man I’ll set em straight
Wheres your weapons mate? Wasted far too early!
Wave the white flag but your worms get NO MERCY
Petrol bomb, oill drum, toast, roast and burn
Every single one of you little fucking worms
Mole squadron, hand of god
Off the edge, prod,
Chain saw, sticky bomb
Sudden death, health down to 1


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