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The Great Salt Swindle


What is salt? Salt is a drug! The Lord did not make salt, contrary to what you may believe. Because God did not make salt, your body does not require salt. However, your body does require sodium. There is a difference between salt and sodium. They are two completely different substances and that's what is causing the confusion today that leads to certain health problems today such as high blood pressure.


Sodium is one of the eight alkaline minerals and one of the 102 minerals in the elemental chart. Sodium is a mineral that can be found in nature. We need sodium for proper health, especially to balance our sodium-potassium balance levels.

Sodium is a great hydrator. Sodium helps us to hold and properly use water, especially in hot weather. Too little sodium can lead to dehydration. Sodium is also important for proper muscle function. Too little sodium can also lead to poor muscle function in addition to an imbalance in blood pH.


Now on the other hand, this drug called salt (sodium chloride) that mimics sodium in taste and function, have some serious adverse side effects. I'm talking about white table salt! For most us, Morton's Table salt probably comes to mind.

Again, salt is a drug and therefore unnatural. Salt is a product of man, and since modern man is cut off from YAH these days, just about everything made by man today will kill you, and this includes salt.


Why is salt so bad for you and harmful to good health? Because it is 100% toxic! salts contains over 30 synthetic chemicals, such as sodium solo-co-aluminate, and potassium iodide, which are all chemical additives that make the salt flow easily from the box. On top of that, salt is bleached with Chlorox bleach! That's how it becomes white in colour.


This salt that's being consumed today is really nothing but crude oil extract - a gift from the Rockefeller-owned petroleum industry. When oil workers are digging for oil in the earth, the digging leaves a flaky residue. Piles of it! It would actually cost the petroleum or oil industry millions of dollars to dispose of this toxic waste product, but the Rockefellers bribed the food industry and the federal government into allowing them to convert it (crude oil extract) into a chemical food additive called table salt. So instead of losing millions of dollars by dumping this waste product, the Rockefellers and their oil industry actually make or profit million of dollars. Anyways, the Rockefellers and other Elitists see the American people as human trash cans whereby you can dispose of any unwanted industrial waste.


Salt is so toxic, it causes the blood pressure to shoot up. It is medically diagnosed as high blood pressure or hypertension which is nothing but the blood pressure speeding up the blood flow saturated with salt in order to prevent the toxic waste from staying in the heart area too long so as not to shut down the heart. Plain and simple! When you go to the doctor and he/she tells you that you have high blood pressure, what is the first thing the doctor tells you to cut down on or avoid altogether? SALT! But he/she never told you why.


In addition to high blood pressure, salt consumption causes fluid retention. Salt absorbs water and other fluids in the body. This is what gout is, as well as obesity to a certain extent. Fluid retention! Actually, fluidic waste retention! Salt will also tax the liver and therefore cause reddening of the eyes.


Any so-called iodized salt has synthetic iodine added to it simply because the product is refined or processed. Plain and simple! The salt industry played a major role in the enlargement of the thyroid gland. When refining natural sodium, iodine is naturally lost. However, the initial crude oil extract-based salt of the oil industry actually destroyed the thyroid gland, which is primarily comprised of iodine, and which regulates growth (as well as metabolism). So to help prevent iodine deficiency-related pathologies and abnormalities due to salt consumption, the salt industry started to iodize its salt. Synthetic iodine is very poisonous! Synthetic anything is poisonous! So it's wise to just shun synthetic chemicals.


And lastly, if you consume meat, mostly all meat contains and is saturated with sodium nitrate and/or sodium nitrite. These chemical salts are 100% carcinogenic (cancer causing). The reasoning behind using these carcinogenic substances in meat is to prevent food poisoning. The more you consume sodium nitrate and/or nitrite in the meat the more likely you'll die from cancer or other diseases. Other companies which are more health conscious rely on naturally occurring nitrites derived from celery juice and sea salt. Using sea salt to preserve meat is a technique that was discovered by the ancient Greeks as early as 850 BC. Sea Salt is a natural preservative. If companies do not use nitrate and/or nitrite then the USDA requires their labels to say “Uncured" and "No Nitrates" or "No Nitrites Added." So if you purchase meat and it does not mention specifically that those chemicals have NOT been added than nine times out of ten you are consuming a deadly chemical.


Why are nitrates and nitrites used in meat products?

1.  Nitrates and/or Nitrites give cured meat such as hot dogs their pink color

2. To prevent the growth of bacteria that can lead to food-borne illnesses such as food poisoning

3. To preserve products so they can have a longer shelf-life.

4. To provide the manmade distinctive cured flavor that we're accustomed to.

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