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Stop Chemtrails


An evil practise has overtaken the skies above lining the air with lines of toxic poison filled with aluminium and other dust particles of heavy metals designed to induce slowly but surely unsafe deposits of debilitating chemicals within our bloddstream, tissues and brain which eventually cause an endless list of very serious health problems.  People who dedicate their life to health may wonder why they still become ill despite eating helthy food and working out only to discover that simply breathing in fresh air mingled with toxic chemicals causes their health practises to be undone and brought low as they suffer the effects of this criminal practise. 

Why would the Government allow such a practise to effect their people?  Why would a Government allow chemtrails to pision their hard working taxpahing citizens?  Becausse my friends, your Government is evil.  Yes, you read it correct here.  Your Government is in the pay of an evil elite group which include international worldwide ‘legalised’ agencies such as the IMF, The evil and hateful United Nations, The banking corporations and other very powerful elitists who believe that they have  more right to the world than the ‘poor’ which is basically anybody who A) Isn’t a multi billionaire, B)  Isn’t a warmongering evil and hateful gambler of peoples lives on a mass scale and C) Isn’t related to them in someway and D)  Hasn’t sold their soul out to them in secret satanic rituals.  Now this may all sound crazy to you but that is only because you are clueless as you listen to media reports, news bulletins and read information pumped out by them so you are clearly not going to be informed by them directly about the evil they commit AGAINST YOU, are you?


You will discover through these ‘Smart Eye’ articles and through the countless others resources by independent reporters that the world you see as the ‘real’ world is a mere illusion and that everything you do, eat, know, read in mainstream press, her on mainstream radio, ssee on tv and learn about in Sxhool has all been delineratly set up and designed to keep you away from the truth about their existence and their motives for the earths control as long as possible in the hope that when ou discover it, it will be too late to do anything about it.  Why would it be too late?  Becaue you are already poisoned with Flouride, Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate, Aluminium, heavy metals, calcium deposits and countless other poisons which you are made to believe you cannot reverse.  You have already been deficient in minerals which your body craves but knew nothing about since you were born as your parents innocently fed you what they were led to trust despite the fact that it was not designed to  provide ‘everything a baby needs.’


You will discover more about this evil elite, who they are and what we can do about this school playground bully but before that we need to learn the different methods used against us and create safeguards against such practises affecting us long term.

One of these practises committed against us is the deliberate spraying of chemtrails.  Now the arguments and lies of the Govt claim that they are simply traails left behind by aeroplanes and jets.  Now firstly I have seen hundreds of airplanes having to fly out of the airport almost every weekend for shows and I can tell you thwat they do not leqave a thick and putrid looking trails of smoke and plumage that these other higher planes spill out so it is certainly not ‘normal’ Boeings that the govt is talking about.  We then have fighter jets.  Yes they leave somewhat of a trails but not an endless and perfect thick line of smoke which criss cross the sky as if ensuring that they don’t miss a spot when releasing their deadly package.  As somebody who plays at festivals every weekend I have noticed how at fesitvals where there are many thousands and frequently tens of thousands of people gathered there are always without fail at least 4-5 criss crossings of these planes fallout throughout the day.


The excuses given by Governments about the airplanes being training exercises for jet pilots is downright lie because why would they be training and practising apparently dangerous manoeuvres and criss crossing the sky over the most populated areas they can find?  Why do they criss-cross almost perfectly over the most populated areas as if to give a double dose of their poison and ensure that the particles they are dropping don’t dissipate to easily in the wind.  People are not stupid.  We use our god given powers of deduction and reasoning and the myriad of excuses they give for the appearance of theses trails and the pattern in which these planes fly simply do not add up.  Don’t allow their lies to dupe you any longer.  Your Government cannot be trusted.

The perpetrators of this act - possibly funded by Pharmaceutical companies whose intention it is to make people sick and deathly ill so that they make more in sales to people trying to medicate from the effects of this deliberate poisonings - seem to select spots for their chemtrails offloading that happen to be either densely populated already which is why you won’t remain a day in a city without spotting them in the sky or hitting tourist spots on sunny days and ther places where it is known to beheavily populated on that particular day.

Now what is in the chemtrails?  Mainly aluminium.  Aluminium is toxic to human health.  Here is what the medical reports say about excess aluminium in the blood. 


“Aluminum is absorbed from the GI tract in the form of oral phosphate-binding agents (aluminum hydroxide), parenterally via immunizations, via dialysate on patients on dialysis or total parenteral nutrition (TPN) contamination, via the urinary mucosa through bladder irrigation, and transdermally in antiperspirants. Lactate, citrate, and ascorbate all facilitate GI absorption.

If a significant aluminum load exceeds the body's excretory capacity, the excess is deposited in various tissues, including bone, brain, liver, heart, spleen, and muscle. This accumulation causes morbidity and mortality through various mechanisms”


Source -


Now we are at war with silent killers and must do everything we can to stop the perpetrators from getting away with it.  This includes speaking to our local councillors, politicians and activist groups about chemtrails, encouraging media reporters to put on the news agenda for serious debate and discussion, gathering evidence from within from pilots responsible for flying these planes and also encouraging scientific testing of areas before and after chemtrails have been spotted to gather further evidence against the perpetrators of this twisted and unholy behaviour.


Please go to this website:


Here you will find an awesome resource to educate, inform and assist us with the knowledge of Chemtrails and how to act to stop it in our skies.  Please read it and spread it.  Get this info out there and do something worthy with your spare time to assist your fellows to live in a better and more wholesome and healthy society.



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