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NWO – Communism by the back door


This is an in depth look at what is truly happening to the Western world and what the power elite henchmen are eventually planning to implement worldwide.  Have you been to Russia?  It is a depressing, decaying hell hole overtaken by the vermin that are the communists of the Bolshevik revolution and their parasitical ancestors propagated there by rape and brutality.  Don’t be fooled by Vladmir Putin and his forward thinking and evolutionary political ideals.  He is nothing more than a shill, placed in power by the same Red Army funding butchers who still exist throughout the Russian Government today, simply touting themselves under different names.  The Gestapo is alive and well and so are Stalin’s evil minions who are now crawling all over Europe.  The supply of the majority of your food, petrol, clothes and other necessities are all ordered by the very puppet masters who aided in the Red Army’s ‘revolution’ and Hitlers ‘oppositional Nazi alliance.’  Both ‘revolutions were nothing more than an experiment.  Stalin was placed as leader of the Bolshevik’s to enact the experiment of ‘control via brute force, mass starvation and murder’

Hitler was placed as leader of the Nazi Party and fully funded to lead the nation to enact the experiment of ‘control via divisive fascist ideology, religious fanaticism and spiritually inspired warmongering.’  It seems that Stalin won that particular battle.  Hitler’s Nazi regime it seems was a little too generous in its sentiments and Hitler was defeated in this epic two dictator chess game fully funded by the Rothschild’s, Bilderbergers, The Jesuit Order masked by the Vatican and their buddies in Italy.

The Vatican is its own state independent from Italy with its own currency and laws as is the ‘City Of London’ who are simply an extension of the Vatican.  Even the Queen has to be escorted into the ‘City Of London’ and has no jurisdiction there.  Even the Queen bows to these demons.  The legal ideals of the Vatican can be summarised as follows. 

There are no laws beyond, ‘do what we say and do not question us or die.’ 

That is no joke.  Vatican City has its own law and this is what it pretty much states.   The Jesuits via the CIA murdered Kennedy for opposing them.  Kennedy was planning to dismantle the CIA knowing it was a front for the Vatican ordained Jesuits.  They killed him in cold blood on live TV just like the Mafia to show the world how powerful they were.  “Don’t think that just because you are the President that we won’t gun you down in front of everybody if you oppose us.  We are ruthless killers and have no time for moral arguments and civilised developments.  No, we will kill you because we are crazed degenerate soul-less brutes with a need only to feed our egos with the knowledge that we can use violence and base evil to CONTROL all others.”  Yes my friends.  These are the kind of people who instruct your Governments and we sit back and allow it.

This group operated by the Vatican, The Jesuits, The banking corporations and other ‘Zionists’ also HATE people genuinely taking the name of Christ and having true faith in him as in having a personal relationship with him.  Why? Because they know the truth in it and don’t wish for others to discover the power within which Jesus teaches and gives to all who follow him.  To keep people away from this reformed idea of Christ and the Gospel, they claim to be the representatives of Jesus Christ and kill all those who refuse to recognise their authority in preference of Jesus Christ direct because they are actually the Anti-Christ whose function on Earth is to keep people away from the ‘real’ Gospel.   The Vatican has killed hundreds of millions, yes let me repeat 100’s of Millions of faithful believers in Jesus, in the inner dwelling spirit by burning at the stake, crucifying and doing all other manner of unmentionable cruelty against them for daring to confess the name of Jesus Christ as Lord.  Why such a menacing hatred and diabolical worry against this seemingly simple confession?  Why?  One must ask.  One must delve deeper.  One must look at the history of the Catholic Church and of the proclamations of authority they don’t simply claim but BRUTALLY ENFORCE’ denying every faculty of righteousness to replace with downright EVIL.  The history of the Catholic Church and its involvement in the worlds wars over the last 2 and a half thousand years is a sordid tale of the most brutal and bloodiest ilk than any other tale perpetuated by any movement or group in the worlds entire history.




The Vatican’s leaders (and I am not talking against individual Catholics here as I believe that many good Catholics who believe in Jesus are under the grace given by Christ for their belief in Christ directly) - who are all unbelieving of Christ and a bunch of paedophiles and perverts - worship the planet Saturn and a black box representing the spiritual and mental cage they have created to maintain the illusions of the material world.  If this box is opened revealing a perfect crucifix (look at how any square box is put together) incidentally, the illusion of the material world disappears and the soul within the box is now freed to access all the other dimensions and can access the different powers and energies attached to the higher realms including the highest one we call Heaven which is pure bliss and peace and love, allowing us to be free from the box of the material world and never reincarnate again.  Jesus was one such being who broke out of the box and came back to tell the tale.

This bothered all the others people who were trapped in the box who simply could not grasp how Jesus could do miracles and though Jesus explained that his true father, the creator of the world out-with the box wanted them to love and get to know him so he could give them access along with all the higher vibrational powers and help to free themselves too, the people simply could not understand because they had been trapped so long.




Jesus knew what would happen because you simply cannot be as special as Christ was and not attract negative attention and confusion.  He knew it would lead to his torcher and demise but understanding his true condition as a spiritual being, he looked forward to overcoming the pains and fears, sorrows and attachments of all things material including his blessed body.

They tortured him for hours and yet his spirit only grew stronger in power as he continued to forgive and forgive until it happened.  He was freed and gave up the ghost within which travelled to the higher realms and could now do as it please creating re-creating the material world as it pleased.  So Jesus plan was put into place.  He had already set it in stone that anybody who believed in him would partake of his suffering but also his path to ultimate glory and freedom.  I change my reality as and how I please.  I wanted to see the starving people fed properly and I wanted to be just like my lord.  As I believed in Jesus so did I become privy to his stock of blessings, grace and abilities to receive whatever I prayed for but also of his suffering and the heavy hearted burden of feeling the suffering that I witness others enduring.  I began to ask the Lord to do what he would with me.  This is what the Lord decided he wanted for me.  To be brave and expose this illusion to all so that they too could be free which I knew I would be at the end of my life.  Nobody could touch my soul now that I rest in Christ.  No matter what they do I am protected because of my faith in Christ and no amount of beating, physical or mental could ever lower my vibration again because it was no longer contained within the material world which they were attached too.  Though I could feel the pain of my physical body, I could no longer have my spirit affected as it had been saved already by the blood of Christ.

The people who are not people at all though they have crooked noses and evil beady eyes, a bitter countenance and an unending bitterness against all the Lords sheep who they recognise by their grace and their own lack of it, are actually parasites disguised as people, devoid of spirit and living a desolate life where all around them is dull and uninspiring and this makes them sorely bitter and the most hateful people on earth.  Normal humane capacities of love and kindness are alien to them.  They are to be recognised and exposed, shamed and cast out for their evil ways.




This is what these spiritless creatures have done upon this earth.  Contained within the following documentary divided into 9 parts, you will find a wealth of information to inform and educate you.  Do not be afraid of the truth but be joyous that the Lord deemed you fit to finally see the reality of the existence within which you find yourself.  The Schools you went to were compromised and corrupt, the education systems reduce the standard of education systematically, the Government manipulates you from birth by having midwives turn you upside down in brightly lit rooms when you are born to affect your melatonin secretion and thus cause damage to your perception and pineal gland.  You are prodded, injected with vaccinations which are full of toxic chemicals designed to control your growth and development to be in line with a medical agenda to fit in with the profiteers ‘slave requirement’ remit.  You are then entertained with mind numbing children’s TV programming which shoves strange oddball characters into your face behaving like babies in large suits and speaking in strange ‘baby’ language which is nothing less than ‘programming’ and ‘hallucinogenic indoctrination’  followed by the standard ‘enforced’ curriculum within early nursery and school.  Laws are being enforced to disallow parents from making their own decisions about their children’s education to instead ensure they are educated according to the Government’s wishes with no other options available except prison if they attempt to keep their children away from a depraved and debilitating education system which is now attempting to push laws to teach children as young as 8 about sex. 




The Primary, Secondary and higher level education schools continue this programming and after 10-12 years of it they have pretty much managed to create a ‘brainwashed,’ ‘confused’, ‘depressed,’ ‘clueless’ and ‘mentally deranged’ society.  Now most will not wish to accept this.  They will say “I am perfectly fine thank you.  I have a great job, I am healthy and I feel fine.’  My response to that is “Of course you feel fine.  You have been programmed to accept everything as it is and believe it is all fine, until you are directly affected by the toxins and look for reasons, finding it in the supermarket foods, the poisonous chemicals in your water supply, the fluoride in your toothpaste and the many other ‘accepted’ practises you have allowed to be a part of your daily routine because “you felt fine’ and did not see the crimes that were being committed against you in the form of lifelong manipulation via education, medicine, media, cosmetics, healthcare, television, radio, advertising, Government and virtually every other ‘accepted norm’ of this blinded society. 




Of course this is going to come as a major shock.  You are suddenly going to sit up and say “Are you telling me I spent 35 years feeding my own children tuna laden with mercury?  Rubbing fluoride into their gums and so their brains twice a day on their toothbrushes, let them drink treats of coca cola designed to give them arthritis by destroying the calcium in their teeth and bones with severe acid erosion?  Gave them cancer causing chemicals in their ice-cream and jelly?  Chemicals and hormones in the milk I put lovingly on their cereal every morning?  Pesticides on their fruit and veg? And allowed paedophiles like Jimmy Saville to babysit my kids in the evenings when they came in from school?  Are you telling me I unknowingly allowed this to happen simply because I trusted everything I bought because the adverts seemed so friendly?  Are you telling me I fed all this to myself and children and didn’t check the ingredients of what I was giving to my own children to eat because I didn’t feel I needed to check because everybody else was doing it so it should be fine?  Are you telling me I did it because I wasn’t taught to doubt it when I was being ‘educated’ at school?  I wasn’t taught to question the ingredients of things I was putting into my body?  I wasn’t taught to question who the Government and Police are governed by?  With all the many years of rubbish I was taaight at school I wasn’t taught about real personal health so that my brain could work properly to see it for myself. “Yes” I would respond.  “YES YES YES.  Accept it.  You have been living this lie your whole life and ow you must change everything, turn everything around to be able to see it” and your response will be “….no, this can’t be real. Pass me a bottle of Vodka somebody and piss off!! “  And I would fully understand  your reaction and I would give you 2 bottles of Vodka and leave you alone shutting the door quietly behind me.


Yes my people.  A grave truth has been shadowing you your entire life but do not dismay at your lack of attention to it for it has also been the thorn in the side of your ancestors before you and their ancestors before them for many thousands of years and thee plot is so intricately designed that millions are duped by it too.  However, now that we know.  Let us not be yet another generation who sits by blindly accepting this evil committed against us by the evil powers that be.  Let us educate ourselves, recognise the perpetrators of this insidious lie on a global and universal scale and tear it down destroying every sliver of this abusive remnant of a depraved age and replace it with a new age of deliverance from evil and tyranny in a wise and moral society leaving for our children an era of new hope and virtuous living to remember us by and not the chains of enslavement to a beastly brute to curse us by.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.  Discover the true gift of the commercial world and corporate culture to which you have been induced like a brainwashed slave in a large fairground whose wits in these crucial times will be the test of their might, bringing either damnation or salvation.

Go and get yourself some organic non GMO popcorn and start by watching this documentary. 



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