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Open your third eye by cleansing yourself By Sumati Bhardwaj


(Any sources used have been linked so you can read the full articles)


A dark force has spread over humanity and it didnt get here overnight.  It has taken thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  Why are the shamans, the druids, the brahmins, the wise mystics who once lived in peace and in collusion only with the highest laws of nature not in charge of the systems of the world?


The answer is already with you.  Strangely enough you had it all along.  It related to the power of every individual and a power which some do not want all to have so they can maintain their own control and power.  Power, and a neverending greed for it - that is what this is all about.


Author R.Bowen:  When you are born, the pineal gland or epiphysis synthesizes and secretes melatonin, a structurally simple hormone that communicates information about environmental lighting to various parts of the body. Ultimately, melatonin has the ability to entrain biological rhythms and has important effects on reproductive function of many animals. The light-transducing ability of the pineal gland has led some to call the pineal the "third eye".  


As Micheal Tsarion (a respected philosopher and truth researcher) states, it is no wonder that when we are born into hospitals babies are brought into a very brightly lit room inhibiting the production of this melatonin which ensures the pineal gland is secreting the correct amounts for the right functioning of the brain.  It is also no wonder that shopping malls, office environments, airports and all other spaces which masses of people congregate on a daily basis are so brightly lit.  The effects literally reduce the pineal glands capacity for working in the correct manner by secreting the right amount of melatonin to assist the human conciousness to attain a closer relationship to the natural world around it.  This includes the ability for the brain due to the pineal gland being able to assist with the ethereal bodies instinctive functions which allow for higher states of conciousness, less attachment to the material world (the only plane of existence we are taught to accept) and our abilities to focus on natural energies which allow us to heal our bodies, attune to other planes, recieve natural enlightenments relating to our existence, garner inspiration and think clearly and unhindered by outward social projections of what our true ideals should be.


The pineal gland is a small organ shaped like a pine cone (hence its name). It is located on the midline, attached to the posterior end of the roof of the third ventricle in the brain. The pineal varies in size among species; in humans it is roughly 1 cm in length, whereas in dogs it is only about 1 mm long. To observe the pineal, reflect the cerebral hemispheres laterally and look for a small grayish bump in front of the cerebellum.


All religions from the past that have attempted to relay the truth about attaining true enlightement but have mainly confused the basics with stories about right and wrong were simply decorating the true incitement of people to focus on this tiny raisin sized portion of your own brain.  If activated to its full capacity all people would become at peace for they had trained their bodies to work to maintain a clear and untarnished pineal gland which in turn assists universal vision and understanding of all.  It would be important at this point to pray in Jesus name to be assisted in cleansing and balancing this tiny wonder of the human body.


In hindusim a bindi (a small dot on the forehead) is placed to remind all they meet that they are first and foremost a soul and that by paying homage to their pineal gland they were respecting the higest portion of the individual who wears it and respecting the ‘purusha‘ within.  The bindi is simply a mark to remind all people that they all have this stargate within them to attain the higest goal of humanity.


Is it then any wonder that masters of control and manipulation throughout centuries and centuries have attempted to destroy all knowledge of this sacred locale within the brain by burning the libraries of druids (who were celtic and the true arians spoken of in history books) and who were spread far and wide throughout the world teaching their sound methods of proper functioning of this gland which included


  • mantra or chanting which were vibratory methods to assist the correct functioning,

  • prayer and meditation to allow for the appropriate contemplation upon this gland and so increased awareness of the potency of this gland on all concious thought,

  • exercise in various forms from dancing to yoga in India (who themselves were taught this sacred knowledge) but who once again developed a caste system to control a natural power gifted to all excluding none in the same way that all other religions have taken sacred knowledge and manipulated it to their own ends to dupe people into believing that they were the holders of a power that once again was attainable by all so that they could be seen as superior and hold this knowledge to control the masses for themselves,  instead of being truthful about it by assisting all to live in abidance with the natural laws that assist the correct functioning of this barely known or talked about part of the anatomy that everybody has.


It is understandable then (from an ego led wannabe leaders point of view) that the masters of control created so many barriers to this 'third eye' including burning the libraries built by the druids containing this knowledge, sacred manuscripts written by the great mystics and the killing of the indigenous holders of this information throughout the world from Mexico to India and Peru to Tibet.  This culling of the holders to this truth is still going on today but now let us look closer to home.


Nature wants us to know how to take care of ourselves and wants us to have the information we need to allow for proper operation of the pineal gland for at its operational peak nobody would need to be told or taught how to live, how to be, how to communicate with others, how to treat the world around them, how to take care of their bodies since they would know naturally and instincitvely know what to do in relation to themselves, the earth and all others due to the natural cues given to them by this sacred truth that is Jesus Christ whose entry into ones thoughts and prayers seems to be the catalyst to ignite this sacred organ.


Note:  Look for pinecone shaped buildings of elite power, symbols of the pineal gland spread throughout their buildings, churches, lodges, corporate buildings, symbols of control littered throughout the world not to mention the pine cones shape of the hat that the pope wears and even the staff he carries bears a pinecone shaped tool at the tip.  See... they know about the power of this gland and although attempt to use it correctly themselves make one fatal mistake...keeping the knowledge from everyone else by systematically culling all roads to knowledge of it so that they and they alone have access to understanding the functioning of it such is their desperaation to be the best.  I believe that Jesus controls the ability to truly utilize this cone and when ones motives are not to share life saving knowledge then the bearer of the knowledge is at once shut off from their own power to percieve and utilize the fruits of this seeding body.


It is also fitting to mention that magnetic ley lines under the ground all over the earth assist the well being of the pineal gland so it is no surprise that many elite institution (including Buckingham palace) are built on these natiral power centres so they can benefit from the healing properties of energies gifted to all of humanity, stealing it all for themselves.  This is yet one more thing on a long list that should make you feel betrayed at these usurping fools in power.. and yes, a natural anger borne from natural emotion which derives from the knowledge of your spirit when it knows it is being suppressed.


Let us look closer to home.  How does the hierarchy attempt to affect our knowledge of this?  Lets look firstly at the European Union laws which demand that flouride be infiltrated into our water supplies in the whole of Europe with only a few countries delving deeply enough to refuse it or ban it after initially accepting.   Read the following article.


Flouride -  The greatest crime against Humanity.  Please read by clicking HERE


So you've read the article and know what a disaster has been inflicted upon humanity instituded initially by American Health Authorities who should be in prison and not 'Authorities' in control of our lives and the lives of our children.


The bright lights in all corporately designed system hubs such as offices, fast food places, hospitals,  public places are designed to operate to the detriment of the human psyche.


Am i paranoid?  Of course not. Well maybe a little but it is a healthy paranoia I assure you.  Why? Because this is not 'CONSPIRACY' as the compormised media instituations so label anything which does not fit in with their inhumane ‘culling of the ability of humanity to live freely‘ agenda and be left alone and untampered with even when faced with ‘FACTS.‘


There are many ways that you can begin to undo the effects of calcium toxicity within the pineal gland.  To begin please try this simple exercise which requires nothing but a few minutes of your time and no you will not be charged for it, you don't need to buy anything, take anything, eat or drink anything, input anymore chemicals or synthesised aids to profit anyone.  It is simple wisdom which costs nothing and belongs to everybody as all the ancient mystics knew and so shared due to such knowledge being their duty to pass on to their fellows.


Natural De-calcification of the pineal gland exercise

This is an old monks practise made popular by a good lad on Youtube

-  Put the palms of your hands over your ears

-  Pleace your pinky finger and ring finger on top of your head

-  Place the middle finger and the forefinger (stretched) to the back of your head just above where your neck meets your head.

-  You should be able to hear the blood flowing in your ears as you clasp your head

-  Now take the forefinger on each hand and place on top of the middle finger

-  Now flick your forefinger off the middlefinger so it gently hits the back of your head

-  You should hear a deep rumble as you do this

-  Do this 81 times every day (ideally in the morning) and at least 4-5 times a week.     

-  You will notice a dramatic increase in your awareness and your dreams will become more lucid.


Why does it work?  Simple.  I did this exercise for a week and noticed profound affects.  I could only put it down to the fact that by doing this exercise I was sending gentle vibrations and shock waves to the pineal gland.  As you may already know, we are no more than a series of vibrations condensed into matter and so all vibrations including musical vibrations have a positive effect on our bodies, minds and concious bodies.  I think this is because that vibrations de-condense our cells and spread them out a little for a few seconds each time a new vibration infiltrates allowing for negative or lowered vibrations to escape to allow for newer higher vibrations.  As higher vibrations are positive and create emotions of love and harmony they are clearly the more beneficial type of vibration.   Like dusting off a sheet by pulling it and stretching it gently to release the dust contained within it.


Think about why monks, yogis and other religious practitioners spend much time creating vibration sounds in the form of mantras?  I know many people who believe it is nonsense but would they still feel that way when faced with a method for such madness?  It is not madness at all but has a definite function to raise vibrations that make up our minds, bodies and spirits and so assist in our developing and furthering of our DNA to attain higher heights and evolve.


Obstruction of our pineal gland slows our ability to generate higher vibrations and this is also a probable cause of depression, mental dysfunction and illness as lesser feelings and emotions of love of the higher vibratory kind replaced by lower vibrations of anger, attachment and selfishness would confuse and upset anyone because everybody needs to feel love and when replaced with its opposite serious mental, emotional, physiological and spiritual dysfuntion ensues.


Are you convinced yet?  Well as I type here on March 12th 2012 in my living room under a blanket with some alkaline water and some pistachio nuts I wonder whether going out and collecting some pine cones to make a soup of sorts would do me any good.  Defo i think.  Pine nuts are very good for you so go out and get some now instead of crisps which are pointless (even though i like munching them sometimes).  It takes a long time to break bad habits of a lifetime drummed into our  psyches as acceptable and safe since we were born.  Don't trust authorities, pharmaceutical companies, corporate foods and goods, governments, politicians, religious leaders, political institutions, large corporate charities, Cancer Research organisations (and there are good reasons for this one which we will share with you in the future), educational establishements and basically all other entities which exist to attempt to coerse, control or be involved in your life as you cannot trust them and you cannot trust that they have your best interests at heart – which they don't – and to the contrary in the words of Micheal Tsarion 'They want you and all that is yours.'


Be careful and watchful of your life and all you consume to live, all you see, all you hear and all you are exposed to as there are enemies in our midst who want us as their slaves, who want to dumb us down into mecahnised automatons to do their bidding while being cut off from our own path of evolution.  Now that isn't fair.  Don't allow them to see good people with revolutionary ideas to break away from the current prison like society we have been induced into be viewed as the enemy for attempting to coax you out of your hypnotised condition to become of aware of the reality that everything is not as it seems.  All institution you have allowed to govern and guide your life have done nothing but attempt to halt your personal growth which brings you true happiness, have infiltrated your healthy and perfect bodies with poisons to destroy your natural senses, have polluted your optical input to decay your minds into chasing lowly goals and temporary satisfactions which slowly erode your life, have lied to you about who and what you really are so that they can control you and your children to be nothing more than slaves with no way out of your authoratively implemented regimented lifestyles,  have cut you off from your true abilities and knowledge of the universe,  have placed you into darkness when you were meant for the light.





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