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Inspiring articles of the triumph and victories worldwide of the oppressed, the bullied, the voiceless, the subjugated, the tormented, the scapegoated, the robbed, the abandoned, the poor, the forgotten, the torchered, the lied to, the violated and the human rights abused and how justice has and will continue to prevail as long as good people continue to fight for their rights, struggle on with faith, fight oppressive regimes and seek justice for all. The revolution begins.

My own A-Z philosophy on aspects of life not spoken of in general press relating to the psychology of society and individuals; engrained practices, wrong & right emotions, spiritual wisdom and other personal philosophies.

Smart Eye:


Holy Truths of a Renegade Master:

A monthly newspaper covering global issues, truths relating to lies within the media, pertinent human rights issues & various other topics important for humanity to be aware of & providing some real news and opposition to a majority of mainstream media who perpetuate the misinformation.

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