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Many inventors over many decades have found various ways to harness free energy for the world so why have these developments not been adopted into the world's homes by powering all homes without polluting the world, reducing our dependancy on fossil fuels and with minimum maintenance due to magnetic propulsion technology (a very simple magnets based technology)?  Obviously the energy sharks will lose out of trillions made in selling energy to people if a free energy generator for all homes is made widely available and so they go to great lengths to keep such inventions out of the general commercial market.  That such a groundbreaking invention is kept from billions of people - resulting in much suffering - so that a few greedy people can keep the rest of us in a cave while they live in a mansion wrangles the mind.   No more poor old grannies freezing to death in high rises over winter while a self running mechanical tool creates free electricity to power all household appliances including heaters is a dream that sadly can be made a reality far easier than the world is led to believe.


In this documentary you will hear of inventors being murdered, blackmailed, threatened and harassed simply for being forward thinking, innovative and helpful to the world by creating a solution to the great energy robbery while in turn upsetting energy giants to such a degree that companies result to school bully playground tactics to discourage inventors.  Please watch this video to see some of the inventions that have been created and how they operate.




Quote from the documentary 'Whoever controls the energy controls the people'

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