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ACTIVIST GROUPS Information about the Israeli Occupation Abuses by the police worldwide Downloadable Audio for you to listen to lectures about many human rights issues To think that organisations like this need to exist in todays world is the sickening reality to behold when you check this. Campaigning against crimes against humanity, covering trials of war criminals & many other issues. Organisation working to stop genocide

darfur-blatantly-inconsistent-us-position The genocide in the Congo & Darfur. An activist group exposing and campaigning against poisons fed to the public Campaign group for Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace & Democracy Some interesting information to be aware of to help empower consumers. Although you need to sift through it, it is useful. International movement to help peasants, farmers and all working people to be treated fairly fighting ruthless policies.

For now I will leave it here as i don`t want to confuse you by saturating too much information and the above links cover some of the most important issues to know about just now. Secondly, all the sites above are updated almost daily so you will know all the current info relating to your fellow brothers and sisters around the world and also have a plattform from which to built a plan to assist in someway. Please take your time and be prepared for some shocks which may not be easy to digest at first but once you accept that this is happening to our fellows, you must accept it and think of ways to help.

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